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Full-frontal Web photos on nudism site reveal NQR participants' faces features shots of students baring it all

Published: Friday, July 11, 2008

Updated: Thursday, January 29, 2009 02:01

Public nudity Web site has posted hundreds of pictures of students participating in Tufts' 2007 Naked Quad Run (NQR), clearly exposing the faces and nude bodies of undergraduates as they dash through the residential quad.

The pictures were submitted by someone that had attended and photographed the event on Dec. 11. The Web site's manager, who would not reveal his real name but refers to himself as "Cocco," would not reveal the name of the person who had sent them in.

"Everyone photographs interesting things they encounter and of course people will photograph the quad run as well," Cocco told the Daily in an e-mail. "Photos and reports are sent to us from all over the world."

He further explained that contributing photographers prefer to remain anonymous due to the controversial reputations of Web sites like Coccozella.

"This is why you will not hear from any of the photographers," he said. "They know someone will be against photography at the event. It all comes down to the prejudice against nudity, something the run itself is standing up against by virtue of its existence."

Access to the NQR images is restricted to Coccozella's paying members, although anyone who visits the Web site can view some of its other galleries, which are separated by theme and include "Nude in Public Protests Worldwide," "Public Nudity at Events and Carnivals" and "Nude Beaches, Parks, and Hot Springs all over the World."

"Because of the social stigma against nudity, [Coccozella] has to be an 'adult' Web site," Cocco said. "But the aspect of restricted access is the only similarity to other 'adult' Web sites."

According to Cocco, Tufts' annual NQR fits in with the Web site's philosophy that the human body should be celebrated in all its forms. " is part of a movement to promote body freedom in a wide variety of forms, virtually always non-sexual," he said.

This is not the first time that NQR participants have been revealed on the Internet - although the close-up, full-frontal exposure is rare. This past December, the Somerville Journal posted an NQR video and pictures with mostly backside nudity on its Web site, along with a full-length article. This prompted uproar and unease from many students.

But Coccozella believes that if people participate in a nude event, they should be aware that photographs of their bodies might be disseminated without their consent.

"If you participate in a public festive event, there is a tacit collective agreement that people are going come and watch you and make records of the event, whether you are naked or not," he said. "You cannot walk naked down a city street and at the same time be upset that someone takes your picture ... you either have a relaxed attitude about people seeing your body or you keep your clothes on in public."

He added that this type of photography, known as "street photography," has been tested in court.

"I do realize that there are people who feel that any photograph of them is subject to their approval. If you are in public you do not have much privacy," he said.

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Sun Oct 24 2010 10:57
Not legal advice... but spraying photographers with water might be battery.

As for the rest, creepy as it might be, if you run naked in public... don't expect it to stay private.

Wed Sep 22 2010 19:29
Those engaging in any kind of activity in a public venue cannot assume any right to privacy. Model releases are not required for photos taken at public events. Anyone concerned about their unclothed form appearing in photos of the event after the event should t hink twice about getting starkers.
Wed Apr 28 2010 01:39
i need sex
Sun Apr 25 2010 08:58
This must be gay and lesbian festival and most of them nudist who wants to be naked in public.
Coccozella have helped their desire of being wathced naked into actual world.
All runners had kept laughs and smiles onn their faces. Nothing wrong.
Tue Apr 13 2010 16:26
God damn the press for exploiting an event like this. This is a celebration of freedom and expressing themselves through their bodies. Students have every right protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to express themselves this way. We should keep the press out of this.
Thu Mar 4 2010 16:11
People must know and learn one thing. That is there are cameras and cell phones every where. Your picture is going to be every where also! If you are going to participate in such activities then your photo is going to be on the net in a mater of min. GET USE TO IT!
Sun Feb 28 2010 11:49
what photo?
Tue Feb 23 2010 00:43
Wed Feb 10 2010 11:10
If you run naked in public you bear the consequences. Kids who want to rebel against finals ought to go to the gym and work the stress out of their bodies that way. There are other ways to do it.
Mon Feb 8 2010 14:54
hallo world
Mon Feb 8 2010 11:30
Fri Dec 25 2009 21:39
BTW, Cocco is a she, not a he.....
Fri Dec 18 2009 15:34
you know what...if it was a clothed event I doubt you would hear one word of complaint that pictures were taken and shared. If you are willing to run naked in public then in my opinion you have zero right to complain that pictures were taken.

Also, I have seen photographs of naked children online at the nudism websites that discuss their lifestyle choice. My question is how is this not child pornography when a person under 18 who takes a naked picture of themselves goes to prison now and registers as sex offenders?

Your name
Sun Oct 18 2009 16:59
Thu Jun 4 2009 11:53
I think students have every right to be upset by the photographs. Just because students like to participate in the festivities, get naked, and run around WITH THEIR PEERS, it doesn't mean that they are okay with pictures being taken and distributed to the ENTIRE WORLD over the internet. It's a fun thing to do with your friends. It's creepy enough that people outside the school come TO WATCH the event, but that is tolerable. However, photographs and videos of the event will lead to the END of the NQR being public to all. I guarantee in a few short years, the event will be closed off to just Tufts students
Your name
Wed Dec 17 2008 20:57
Quit moaning - it's just a photo. If you get famous because of it, so what?
Your name
Sat Dec 6 2008 04:48
any one knows when is this year NQR
here is my mail if any one knows when just send me a mail
Your name
Wed Dec 3 2008 09:01
The single most ridiculous use of my tuition dollars, the "Nightime Quad Reception". You don't want to show up on the internet or local newspaper? Then don't run around naked in public places. Most other parts of the state, you get arrested for that. At Tufts, the University provided refreshments. Now we have threats from somebody who wants to protect "the naked kids who are stressed about finals and just want to let it all out". Please, give me a break. Think how those NQR pics are going to look on your job resume, and have a nice day.
Tue Nov 4 2008 17:50
I'm confused as to the point of this piece. Is it simply to report the fact that photos of the NQR were taken and are posted on the Internet? Why should that surprise anyone. Or is it to report that there was "uproar and unease" from the students upon learning that they had been photographed? What were they expecting? And I find it difficult to believe that anyone who chose to run in the nude would be "upset." Obviously they were comfortable being seen by their classmates--male and female--while nude, so why should they care if others get to to see them nude after the fact. Everyone should grow up. Nude is natural!!
Sat Nov 1 2008 18:00
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