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Sara Franklin | Oh My!: Sex Straight Up

You might not be the only one who likes handcuffs

Published: Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Updated: Sunday, August 17, 2008 14:08

Some people like to keep it private. Some people like to share it with everyone they know. And then there are some people who just like to ask about it. I'm talking about your sex life. I can't just let these questions go unanswered. I like to know that other Jumbos out there are having wild and crazy fun in the sack, and if you're not, maybe these survey results will inspire you to venture out into new sexual frontiers. These are all real answers, and they were all given voluntarily. If you contributed to this in any way, thank you for broadening at least one person's sexual horizons. Real sex like this just has to be shared. Enjoy!

What is your definition of a "hook-up"?

Anything more than lockin' lips

Making out and running a few bases. Actually having sex is a follow-up question.

Making out, some removal of clothing, some heavy petting

Hands in pants

What do you think is the percentage of virgins at Tufts?


There'll be about three of them after tonight

Between 30 and 40



How long is too long?

9 inches

30 minutes, but if she's really sexy and crazy, 90 minutes may not be enough

As long as its wet it's good

When you start to look at the clock and are like "OK...c'mon"

Too long?

How many times have you faked an orgasm?


I don't know about faking it, but it seems that when I don't have an orgasm it doesn't seem to affect the other person... they still seem pleased with themselves

Too many times!

You mean you're not supposed to?

I'm a guy so I don't have to, and girls should be honest

Faking it sucks, just tell the guy he isn't getting you off

Have you ever used a fun prop or costume?

I dressed up as a naughty nurse with stockings and heels. My boyfriend's eyes lit up and we did it ALL night long. Six times!

I was a dominatrix - I would highly recommend it!

At his request, I just kept my heels on.

I would love to have her dress up as a doctor and have her give me a check-up

What's the deal-breaker in bed for you? What would or does make you say "Um... OK... stop..."

Extremely hairy pubic regions can be a little intimidating when it comes to oral

If he said, "Hey, do you mind if I put this paper bag over your head?"

Really weird, forceful sex talk

As long as I'm the only one poking, it's good

Scratch marks all along my back

Tongue in ear!

Gratuitous violence

When he/she can't undo my bra

If he ever calls me bitch/woman, etc. I'm not having it

When she doesn't seem clean

Bad kissing

If he insinuates that I'm fat, gross or bad in bed, I'm leaving

When she performs oral sex and won't swallow but holds it in her mouth for like a minute to try to find a place to spit

"I want to be in a serious relationship with you" or "I love you"

Who's louder?

Her. I focus and get her loud

The same - moaning is SO hot

Her, although I'll be louder if she's louder. It's like encouragement.

That would be me

Her, but I chime in now and then

What is the easiest way for you to orgasm with a partner?

It's gotta be something during sex that the girl does or says that kind of catches me off- guard or that I don't expect

Vibe on clit and digital insertion = yum!

Clit stimulation

Me on top, missionary

I haven't from someone else thus far, but my battery operated friend gets me there

Girl-on-top position

Have you ever lied about how many people you've had sex with? If so, did you increase or decrease your count?

Yes, increase of course

Sometimes increase with 1 or 2

No (I got lots of these)

Decrease so I wouldn't look like a man-whore

If you could give one piece of advice to the opposite sex in regards to sex/technique, what would you say?

Ask me if you can kiss me to start if off (perhaps in a foreign language)

Don't be afraid to be forceful. Throw your man down. Be dirty and enjoy what you do to him.

Girls should stop obsessing over whether or not they look fat.

Don't use too much tongue when you kiss me. It's NOT hot.

Guys, get creative and tell me what you like about what I do and how I look naked in your bed.

Sex itself isn't always the most important part for girls. Hands and tongue can be better than a penis.

Brush your teeth

Guys don't like hand jobs from girls. They've been giving themselves hand jobs since they were 13 and they're really good at it.

Sara Franklin is a sophomore majoring in history. She can be reached at

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