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Coalition Against Religious Exclusion encourages diversity, pluralism

Published: Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 4, 2013 12:02


Courtesy Kumar Ramanathan

Senior Brandon Archambault promotes CARE’s pluralistic beliefs at a December Senate meeting discussing the CSL ruling.

He added that his Jewish education compelled him to join CARE, as the organization fights for what he feels is at the core of his religion’s tenets.

“As a Jew and a member of the Jewish community, I couldn’t sit by and let others fight this fight,” he said. “The biggest value in Judaism is treating other people like you’d want to be treated.”

Kaplan added that because of the diverse experiences of CARE members, the group actively works to ensure that people’s biggest strengths are being put to use. She explained that there is no one person in charge. Instead, the group works through consensus to make decisions and allows members to contribute as they see fit.

“Everyone brings something different to the table, so we don’t want it to feel like there’s one person calling the shots,” she said. “I do most of the meeting organization and logistics on campus, such as keeping us on message and branding.”

Kaplan said that her ultimate goal in joining CARE was not to force TCF off campus, but rather to promote diversity among student groups on campus. For Bristol, this means ensuring that these groups continue to change in order to better serve the students who join.

“Having communities that are unique and evolve according to the democratic election process is important. And allowing them to discriminate really stagnates those communities,” Bristol said. “I know that we don’t need discrimination in order to function and I’m proud of that.”

A previous version of this article was published with the headline, "Coalition for Religious Exclusion encourages diversity, pluralism." CARE actually stands for Coalition Against Religious Exclusion. The current version reflects this change. 

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