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Drake cancels at UMass Lowell but still slated for appearance at Spring Fling

Published: Friday, April 30, 2010

Updated: Friday, April 30, 2010 08:04


Courtesy Matt Barnes

Drake had to cancel his concert at UMass Lowell for medical reasons.

Drake was yesterday a no-show at his scheduled concert at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) due to medical reasons, but is on track to perform tomorrow at Spring Fling, according to his publicist, Sarah Cunningham.

"The university was informed today that Drake is on doctor-mandated vocal rest and cannot perform tomorrow night," UMass Lowell said in a press release on Wednesday. "This performance will be rescheduled, and the new date will be announced as soon as that information is available."

Programming Board Co-Chair Nicole Goodwin, a sophomore, said that she has been assured that Drake will not cancel his performance at Tufts.  

"We are fully expecting him to play at our Spring Fling," Goodwin said. "He is scheduled to perform at Syracuse [today] and he has not canceled that performance."

When asked if Programming Board had a contingency plan in place, Goodwin said, "No, we are certain he is coming."

Brittany Frederickson, the public relations director for the Syracuse University's programming board, told the Daily that the university's Block Party concert featuring Drake, among other artists, is still set to take place.

Cunningham explained that being on tour is physically draining.

"When artists are touring and they are playing show after show and sleeping on a tour bus and going from being on a hot stage and then rushing to a cold bus, it's easy to pick up colds and strain your voice," Cunningham said. "You can damage your vocal cords if you don't take the necessary rest."

Cunningham added that Drake only required one night off and will be performing as planned on Friday and Saturday. 

"He just needed a one-night rest," Cunningham said. "As of now, we are doing the show at Syracuse on Friday and the two shows, including the one at Tufts, on the first."

Drake will perform some tracks from his upcoming CD, "Thank Me Later," slated for release on June 15, Cunningham said.

"You are going to get to hear some of his big hits and some of his newer pieces as well," Cunningham said. "It should be a really great concert."

Approximately 3,000 Spring Fling tickets had been distributed as of Thursday afternoon, according to Office of Campus Life (OCL) Director Joe Golia.

The steering committee in March announced its decision to completely eliminate alcohol from the annual spring concert, even for of-age students.

The decision was motivated partly by last year's Spring Fling, which was declared a mass-casualty incident after a sizable number of students required treatment for alcohol poisoning.

The administration has this year taken a number of precautionary measures in the hopes of avoiding a repeat of last year.

Goodwin said that the new policy of entirely prohibiting students from bringing alcohol into the concert venue will be carefully enforced and event staff will be closely monitoring attendees.

"People who are visibly intoxicated will not be allowed in or will be removed by [Tufts University Police Department] once they are in," Goodwin said.

The shortage of water made available to students was cited as one of the main reasons for the high number of alcohol-related hospitalizations last year. Goodwin noted that Programming Board has taken note of that.

  "As always, people are not allowed to bring food or water," Goodwin said. "But we will have more food and water than there was last year."

In an e-mail to the student body, Golia and Dean of Student Affairs Bruce Reitman encouraged students to behave responsibly, especially with regard to their drinking activity.

We strongly urge you to exercise good judgment," the statement said. "… If you do choose to drink, use common sense: drink in moderation, be aware of your limits, and surround yourself with friends … Take care of yourself — take care of your friends."

The e-mail also announced that the Tufts Community Union Senate, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, OCL and the Office of Residential Life and Learning are jointly sponsoring free breakfast for all students on the morning of the concert.

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