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DU house shut down due to health concerns

Rumors swirl about interfraternity conflict after fire alarms set off

Published: Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 07:03

DU House

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The Delta Upsilon house was shut down Sunday due to health concerns.

Brothers from Delta Upsilon (DU) fraternity found themselves homeless after the City of Somerville's Board of Health on Sunday shut down their house in response to health concerns.

Allegations and rumors have surfaced about what set off the early Sunday morning fire alarm that triggered the inspection and possible retaliatory action later in the night.

Board of Health inspectors were called in by firefighters from Somerville Fire Department who were responding to an alarm that went off while the house was having a party.

According to Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) Sgt. Robert McCarthy, firefighters were concerned about the state of the residence.

He said that upon arrival, the health inspector found that the smoke detectors were covered, and there were holes and mold on the walls and trash throughout the house. One of the walls on the third floor was also torn apart, and the front door was broken off its hinges. Additionally, the third-floor bathroom's stall door had been removed from its hinges.

These findings prompted the board to shut down the house indefinitely, forcing the brothers to find alternative residences.

Junior Alex Ross, president of DU, said that a lot of the disrepair observed by the inspector was due to the ongoing party, including the removed front door and the trash. He added that the mold was the result of water damage over the winter when the pipes broke.

Ross alleged that a member of another fraternity pulled the fire alarm that triggered the fraternity's evacuation.

"So, we were having a party Saturday night; at some point during the party the front door came off its hinges, which was obviously a bad sign," he said. "Later, someone from another fraternity pulled our alarm; when that fire alarm got pulled, some of the fire department people came to make sure everything was alright."

Rumors have surfaced that an Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) brother pulled the alarm at DU and that the fire alarm that went off at the AEPi house later that same night was pulled in retaliation. Ross declined to comment further on this.

Sophomore Abe Stein, president of AEPi acknowledged the rumors. "I've heard rumors that DU pulled our fire alarm, I don't know if that's true or not," he said. "I've also heard people saying that AEPi pulled the alarm at DU; I've heard that from people outside the fraternity."

He said that he did not know the truth of the rumors but expressed his doubts that his fraternity was involved.

"I'm positive that if somebody from AEPi did it, it has nothing to do with the rest of the members of the fraternity," Stein said. "I can't say for DU, but I highly doubt that somebody in AEPi pulled the alarm there. We're a bunch of pretty mature guys, and I don't think anybody would have done that."

Senior Sam Pollack, president of the Tufts Interfraternity Council, said that the events of early Sunday morning were not unusual.

"Things like this happen, and there's always a lot of speculation and rumors," he said. "This time is particularly notable because one of the houses … had structural issues."

Pollack explained that it is unlikely that further action will be taken, stressing that allegations have mostly been speculation.

"I'll probably address it with all the presidents," he said. "Honestly, it's all speculation, and I have no reason to believe that anyone from any of the houses was involved. But I want to make sure we're on the same page that such things don't happen again."

DU brothers are currently awaiting clearance from the Board of Health to move back into their house and have in the meantime found alternative accommodations.

According to McCarthy, they have to pass a re-inspection of the house. "They're going to have to get someone to fix all the problems," he said.   

Ross said that work is already underway to resolve the outstanding issues. "I talked to the Somerville Board of Health [yesterday] morning, and they gave me a list of things we need to get fixed before people can move back in," he said.

He has already arranged for the repair of the holes and the door and is awaiting an estimate from a cleaning service for removing the mold.

Pollack expressed his regret about the situation and the conflict. "It's just unfortunate that it happened … hopefully it doesn't happen again in the future."


Corinne Segal contributed reporting to this article.

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Sun Mar 14 2010 21:03
This story brings the lulz
DTD sucks
Fri Mar 12 2010 18:28
AEPi's pledges. The future operations workers of america's financial institutions
Thu Mar 11 2010 15:01
I can't believe how many people know about our AEPi pledge events. I'm going to have to beat some sense into those pledges.
Thu Mar 11 2010 14:08
I heard AEPi pledges throw poop at each other.
Wed Mar 10 2010 21:33
That last comment is a fact.....I witnessed the entire mating session between Flow-City and that monstrosity of a woman.......I think her name was Falk
Wed Mar 10 2010 21:31
yeah, i heard one of them has a very douchy flow of streaking blond hair and a hood-ratty goatee. Kid gets a ton of girls. I think it was 16 girls in 14 nights or something. one may have been shamoo though
Wed Mar 10 2010 21:27
I was told by an extremely reliable source that this entire incident was caused by Suffolk students that were, and I quote "so college"......
Wed Mar 10 2010 16:14
Who cares about AEPi? Doesn't their house get turned back into DTD next year? Even if it doesn't, who cares? DU is always gross, always on the verge of being shut down, and always retarded fun. It's the filthiest and most fun atmosphere around. If you wanna go smoke bones next door in sports coats and plan your polo and golf matches for the weekends... by all means, go to AEPi. If you wanna drink cheap American lager, witness a fight or two, maybe get lucky, and generally have a rowdy and much better time... you should be excited for DU coming back on the scene.
Wed Mar 10 2010 13:09
dear blowj from 123, the rugby team RULES!!!!!
Wed Mar 10 2010 11:52
doubt ill ever regret just having the body of rambo for football. ill regret wasting my college years at this school where girls can be mistaken for herding cattle and the guys are just tools.
Wed Mar 10 2010 11:20
This sounds like a mess. Why didn't the University take care of things before all this happened?
Wed Mar 10 2010 10:57
I heard that the guys in DU put these drugs in girls drinks when they arent paying attention and then the DU brothers bring the girls up to their rooms and then have their way with the girls even though they didnt want to. AWW god its terrible. I as well as all my other overweight Jewish friends will not be going there because i do not want to put my self in a position to make myself a victim. The thought of those Boys going into my no-no region gives me goose pimples.
Wed Mar 10 2010 10:51
Can we get back to the important issue and decide whether or not Nick Rhoads has a mother with a tail?
the girls of Tufts
Wed Mar 10 2010 07:29
we prefer the "polo wearing tools" @ 123 to the meatstick aggressive losers that reside in the dump that is delta upsilon... what a joke that place is
Wed Mar 10 2010 00:21
some day you'll regret having gained so much weight for such an awful football team
Tue Mar 9 2010 21:25
fratty drama like lolz U r 2 cUt3 thanz daley.
Tue Mar 9 2010 20:28
Yes it is. Grow up.
Tue Mar 9 2010 20:21
retard is not an appropriate word.
Tue Mar 9 2010 20:21
If Pat Bailey was here none of this would have happened. I have only heard about him through legend, myth, and folk tales, but he would have single handily turned off the fire alarm, sweet talked the cops, made love to the health inspectors, and taken your girlfriend's virginity. Oh yeah, he did this all while pounding the rock and playing the harmonica.
Tue Mar 9 2010 20:15
i am a member of a fraternity here at tufts, and believe me if someone asked our president to comment on something as retarded as this, he absolutely would not. NEVER TALK TO THE DAILY, rule number one of being in a frat. why make this into a story when it isnt? good job alex and abe, you guys are idiots.

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