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  • Literary publications make new marks in politics, music

    Making the newest marks on the Tufts literary scene are PostScript and Melisma, a political journal and music magazine, respectively. While PostScript is breaking ground as a new politically-focused publication for independent opinions, Melisma was founded in 2004, but is recreating itself with a new emphasis on music.

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    Campus Sustainability Council progress report outlines concrete goals, cultural changes

    In the fiscal year 2013, Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus produced over 3,000 tons of total waste, recycling at a rate of just over 50 percent. In the fall, residence halls on campus collected 1,500 pounds of compostable waste. Total water consumption decreased on both the Medford/Somerville campus, as well as on the Boston and Grafton campuses.

  • Tufts Marathon team, Team of 57 strive to move forward

    Every year, the Tufts Marathon Team gives out 100 marathon bibs to Tufts seniors, staff, alumni, parents and graduate students. These bibs are always highly sought after by the Tufts community, but this year, the team was overwhelmed with applications in light of last year's tragic events.

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    One year later, iSIS receives mixed reviews from students, faculty

        The creators of the Integrated Student Information System (iSIS), as well as the students and faculty who use it, have mixed views one year after its implementation.     The planning for iSIS, which launched in 2011, began several years ago with the intention to integrate student services across Tufts' campuses, according to the project's website.

  • Historic Union Square post office up for sale, causes local concern

    The Union Square post office, located a few miles from Tufts, holds both cultural and historical significance to the Somerville community. Recently, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has decided to close the post office and put it on the market.

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    Green Line extension brings concerns for housing availability in Somerville

    Over the next five years, the Green Line will extend into Somerville, ending on College Avenue. Two of the planned stops -- at Washington Street and in Union Square -- are scheduled to open in 2017. City planners are discussing the changes, analyzing the ways in which the plan’s advantages and disadvantages will be addressed.

  • WMFO provides students with creative outlet for over 40 years

    WMFO, Tufts University's radio station and one of the oldest college stations in the country, is run by both students and community volunteers. Radio broadcasts run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in recent years, student DJs have brought new energy to this long-running radio program.

  • Gordon Institute sponsors inaugral Idea Competition

    While Tufts is known for its emphasis on "active citizenship," a growing number of students and faculty are wishing to bring "entrepreneurship" closer to the forefront of the university experience. The Gordon Institute, founded in 1984, seeks to assist inspired Tufts students as they bring their ideas to life through a variety of educational programs and annual competitions.

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    ‘It Happens Here’ offers new forum for conversation about sexual violence

    Last fall, University President Anthony Monaco named sexual assault as one the most important issues on campus, and created a university-wide sexual assault task force to address and prevent sexual misconduct at Tufts. Currently, the university is in the process of hiring a Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist, who will work to develop sexual assault prevention programming.

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    Student groups, classes create new content on YouTube

    In a widespread effort to increase the use of new media forms, the video sharing website YouTube is being used by a wider variety of organizations in the Tufts community than ever before. Tufts University Television (TUTV) premiered their latest web-series “Jules and Monty” on YouTube last month, while an Experimental College (ExCollege) course this semester titled “YouTube: Business and Creative Success” has specifically geared its curriculum toward the use of the social media website.

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    Despite progress for club sports, funds remain insufficient

    Over the past few years, Tufts’ club sports has expanded to include more teams and, consequently, more students. As the program has grown, however, the process of managing and financing club sports has become increasingly complex. Three years ago marked the beginning of the expansion of the program, according to Assistant Director of Athletics Branwen Smith-King.

  • Department of Music seeks to unite on-campus music groups

    Following spring break, students and faculty members alike will gather in the Granoff Music Center to participate in Tufts’ first-ever all night music festival. The event aims to provide students from both within and outside the music department with performance opportunities and to give students exposure to other on-campus artists with whom they may not yet be familiar.

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    ExCollege celebrates 50 years of student inclusion, curriculum expansion

    This year, the Experimental College (ExCollege) at Tufts University marks its 50th anniversary since it established its first course on comparative literature in 1964. After marking a new wave of interdisciplinary learning in liberal arts education, the program has continued to expand and adapt to the needs of student and faculty alike.

  • humanity

    Recent critiques on humanities, arts majors spark dialogue

    Much of the recent dialogue surrounding the higher education system has focused on encouraging students to fulfill the demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workers in the United States; some even claim that college students who study the humanities will face significant barriers when entering the workforce. 3 comments

  • Tufts ranks high for producing Peace Corps volunteers

    Tufts University ranked ninth among top medium-sized schools that produce Peace Corps volunteers, up from 15th in 2013. Twenty-four of Tufts’ undergraduate alumni are currently serving abroad with the program.  Many students and officials have attributed the high number of Tufts volunteers to the focus on service work that is embedded in the university’s values.

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    Students launch local Boston music blog

    The homepage for Sound of Boston, a recently established online music publication, provides a modern, professional introduction to the local Boston music scene. Featuring concert and album reviews, interviews with local artists and venue descriptions, the site explores the music culture of Boston.

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    Clinton Global Initiative University helps fund student service projects

    Financing the ideas that embody Tufts' spirit of "active citizenship" can be difficult. But the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), a national conference several Tufts students attended last month, is working to change that.  Hosted by former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea Clinton, CGI U brought together over 1,100 undergraduates from around the world — providing a select group of attendees with large grants for their service projects.

  • Proposed NSA legislation prompts campus discussion of government surveillance

        Debate about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs on Capitol Hill have sparked discussions on the hill.     “It goes to the heart of an important and basic American right, namely the right to privacy,” Associate Professor of political sciene Richard Eichenberg said.

  • Tufts students supportive of SAT changes, university admissions to deliberate

        Major alterations to the SAT college entrance exam are the College Board’s most recent response to criticisms of standardized testing. For the first time since 2005, the Board announced a redesign, which will take effect in the spring of 2016, and free preparation tools that will be offered for the first time next spring.

  • Strong Women, Strong Girls impacts over 9,000 girls nationally, assisted by Tufts chapter

    Since 2008, female Tufts students have worked with the national non-profit organization Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) to help girls in the surrounding Somerville and Medford areas. The chapter has attempted to encourage female empowerment and promote service work by mentoring local young women.

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    Meet the members of the class of 2018

    Nath Samaratunga: Midwesterner ready to bring smiles to the Hill

    While many high school seniors just recently submitted their applications to universities like Tufts, a lucky few have already received their acceptance letters. With one of the largest applicant pools to date — nearly 19,000 — the class of 2018 boasts an impressive bunch of early decision applicants.

  • Amendment to CSL policy grants appellate jurisdiction over Greek life

    This past February, the Committee on Student Life (CSL) repealed a provision preventing it from hearing appeals cases from Greek life organizations, re-establishing the CSL’s jurisdiction over the Greek life community. Previously, all other recognized Tufts student groups had the right to appeal decisions made by the Tufts Community Union Judiciary (TCUJ) to the CSL.

  • craft

    Crafts Center increases programming, hosts workshops

    The Crafts Center, located in the basement of Lewis Hall, has long been frequented by Tufts students seeking a space for a relaxing, art-oriented atmosphere. The center’s free resources are often used to complete class projects or banners for sports teams and clubs.

  • Transgender operations to be covered in faculty health plan

    The university’s faculty health insurance plan will this January offer new benefits to transgender faculty, including coverage for gender reassignment surgery. The expanded faculty coverage comes after a push from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, according to Director of the Benefits and Human Resources Service Center Ann Mackenzie.

  • otl studios

    Local arts studio empowers adults with disabilities

    Just off the Tufts campus, located behind Bello Field, is Outside the Lines Studio (OTL), an art studio devoted to providing a space for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to engage in activities focusing on creativity, vocational training and wellness.

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