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Letter from the Editor

Published: Monday, December 10, 2012

Updated: Monday, December 10, 2012 15:12


My final words as the Daily’s editor-in-chief could assume so many forms. I could write a love letter exalting this publication, the editorial on Lady Gaga that we never resorted to running or the Oscar speech I’m unlikely ever to give — just to drive my managing editors up a wall (“Rebecca, no. This is not The Rebecca K. Santiago Tufts Daily Magazine”). And though components of those may eke through, I want to use this space to thank you, whether you’re one of my editors, a regular reader or just picking up this paper on a whim.

Since I started writing for the paper as a freshman, I’ve heard the Daily described as the campus’ best news source, a mouthpiece for the administration, impressive, ignorable and very mediocre material for making paper airplanes. After this semester, I would describe this paper as just one component of the energetic dialogue that our campus ceaselessly engages in and is defined by. 

Seeing the work that goes into production, I can’t help but to view each issue as a staggering accomplishment. Watching videos on our blog and scrolling through live tweets on our Twitter, I am amazed by our presence beyond our beloved but disintegrating print medium. Reading your letters, both commending and condemning our work here, I am reminded that, despite having much to be proud of, we are imperfect. We are, according to our constitution, “a learning experience.” Our angriest readers are, oftentimes, our most valuable teachers, and we are grateful for them. 

The broadsheet you’re holding in your hands is the product of hard work, student input, arguments, tough decisions, good intentions and — in my admittedly biased opinion — extremely solid reporting. It is a small miracle that could not exist without the efforts of our brilliant masthead and the reactions of the Tufts community.

So thank you, readers, for reading. Thank you, Daily staff, for doing your thing. Thank you, Ben Kochman and Falcon Reese, for being right-hand men whose likes are unrivaled in human history. Thank you to whoever is fact-checking this for letting that statement stand. And thank you all for taking part in this ongoing educational experience. Enjoy winter break, but don’t set your thinking caps aside for good — the Daily will be back in January.

Thank you,

Rebecca Santiago


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