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Mice, droppings discovered in Carmichael Hall first floor dorm rooms

Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 09:02


Dana Macridi / Tufts Daily Archives

Rodent droppings were discovered in the rooms of several Carmichael Hall residents last month, forcing some students to relocate.

Students living on the first floor of Carmichael Hall found rodent droppings in four rooms upon returning from winter vacation last month after mice migrated from the greenhouse area of Carmichael Dining Center.

Mice had been discovered, and subsequently dealt with, in Carmichael Dining Center over winter break, Residential Facilities Coordinator Jennifer Bevins said.

Laura Friedman, a resident of Carmichael Hall, said she noticed small pellets of mice feces in her dorm room on Jan. 15.

“The closer I looked around my room, I realized it was all over,” Friedman, a sophomore, said. “It was on my desk, in my bed, on my bed, in my makeup. It was all in my closet. There was a lot under my bed It was all over everything on my roommate’s side.”
Friedman contacted Tufts University Police Department (TUPD), who subsequently reached out to the Department of Facilities Services.

“Two people from Facilities came and cleaned the room a little bit,” she said. “It was more of a cosmetic fix — I could still find it all over the room. It was more that they cleaned the surfaces and vacuumed the carpet. And I appreciated what they did, it was really nice of them, but it wasn’t livable.”
According to Director of the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL) Yolanda King, other students called the ORLL to report that they had found droppings in their rooms as well.

“We contacted Facilities and also informed the staff in Carmichael to have students fill out work orders online,” King said. “The cleaning staff made arrangements with the students to clean the rooms in addition to the treatment by the exterminator. Affected students were also offered temporary housing in Wren Hall.”
At least two of the students have chosen to move to another hall for the remainder of the semester, according to King.

Friedman, who waited some time before deciding to move out, ultimately accepted a room that was available in Richardson House. She explained that in order to make her room livable again, everything would have had to be cleared out anyways.

“I think they kind of thought that because the exterminator had come and Facilities had come once that they had dealt with it, but it wasn’t okay to stay there just because I kept finding more and more and it was all over,” she said. “They just need to restart that room.”
Students were expected to fill out an online work order request or contact Work Control, as they are for any rodent, bug or pest problem, according to Bevins. The exterminator, who is on duty four days a week, was sent to treat the problem.

The exterminator went to the affected rooms and has been checking back on a regular basis, King said. She said that the mice might have gotten access to the rooms through a hole.

Bevins added that the exterminator has yet to see a mouse in the affected rooms and that, although pests are common, Facilities does its best to respond to and manage the problem.

“Have we had various pests in various rooms? Sure,” Bevins said. “Have there been times when a student has requested a cleaning? Yes. But every situation and circumstance is different. So whether the same thing happened as it did in Carmichael, I have to say no, there are similar situations but it’s not something that comes up every day.”

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