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Eva Batalla-Mann | Valuable Delusions

A snow day for your soul

Published: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 6, 2014 09:02

Snow days are still new and exciting to me. I had been in the snow a few times before I came to Tufts last year, but mostly when I was very little. I remember in kindergarten my classmate’s dad driving up to the mountains to fill his flatbed truck with snow and bring it to the school parking lot. We thought it was the coolest thing that had ever happened in our six years as human beings. We jumped and frolicked in the small white pile that soon turned to brown slush. Snowballs were thrown and tears ensued. We were only a few kindergarteners from California, so no one had ever taught us proper snow etiquette.

In the wake of this snowy season, I was starting to think there was an epidemic of people forgetting to take the tags off of newly-purchased jackets. And then I learned what a lift ticket is. Growing up in a snow-less climate and having family trips that usually consisted of visiting concert venues instead of ski lodges, this took some getting used to. I keep wanting to go up to strangers and kindly break it to them that they haven’t taken the tag off of their new down jacket, and then hope that I did the right thing by telling them at the risk of some embarrassment. But then I keep remembering that it’s a “thing” here. I kind of like this idea, though, because it’s almost like a wearable journal. I think that the next time I go to a concert or the theater, I’m going to sew the ticket stub to my jacket. The possibilities are endless.

The snow used to freak me out, but now I think I can appreciate it. It’s beautiful and reminds us that there’s something bigger than we are. This is always a good reminder, especially for people like us here at Tufts who have the world at our fingertips. I am enjoying this winter wonderland, but in a week and a half I will be headed back home for a couple days to go to a wedding. Maybe because I have a slight “Say Yes to the Dress” addiction (although I have to say the newest spinoff “Randy to the Rescue” is so much better), or maybe because of my family’s involvement in the wedding (my dad is officiating; I am a flower girl, and no, I am not too old for that), I am overcome with excitement. 

Weddings and snow. What is the connection to be made here you may ask? Well, I think they both bring people together and prompt us to make time for things that we might not otherwise. For example, a snow day may be the perfect opportunity for my roommates and I to finally bring at least part of Buzzfeed’s list of “27 Red Velvet Desserts That Want To Be Your Valentine” to fruition. And this wedding will bring people together from all over the country and world, as they put aside their busy lives for a couple of days to shine light on this beautiful and profound thing. Sounds kind of perfect to me. 

I think the moral of the story is that in the midst of all the craziness, you should declare your own snow days. Or even just a couple of snow hours. And no, it doesn’t have to actually be snowing. But it’s just a little bit of time set aside for you to decide you want to take up the autoharp, or relive your youth through the “Freaky Friday” soundtrack or go on a tour of some local hipster coffee shops. It doesn’t really matter, but just do it. And I promise: it will be good for your soul.


Eva Batalla-Mann is a sophomore majoring in peace and justice studies and community health. She can be reached at 

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