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Rebecca Santiago | Is So Vain

Wish list

Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 08:03

There were several glorious aspects of my brief stint in the Dominican Republic over spring break. First, the all−inclusive drinks. Did you guys know you can put vodka in a Shirley Temple? You can. Second, the sun. I have a tan now, and I’m so excited to dip into my summer beauty products, if only for a week.

Best of all, though, was the lack of internet access. Except! I just checked my Google Calendar for the first time in a week, and holy cannoli, I do not have time for a well−researched beauty column. Luckily, I have a backup plan. Instead of my usual product recommendation rundown, I’m going to share a (very) teensy chunk of my beauty wish list. Incidentally, my birthday is a mere month and a half away.

Thing is, kiddos, beauty is expensive. Ad Age just ran a story about how people are beginning to ever−so−tentatively reinvest in the economy, and the two luxury industries benefiting the most are automotive and, naturellement, la beaute. This explains how I lose entire paychecks at Sephora. Good foundation, not Bella Swan, is my personal brand of heroin. Even drugstore buys add up over time.

All this is to say, I can’t necessarily afford all of the eyeliners, self−tanners, blush brushes, matte bronzers, CC creams, lip liners and argan oil−based deep conditioners I so desire. And while I used to get a ton of free crap interning at women’s magazines, one can’t intern forever. Ahem, potential future employers.

Anyway. With nearly half my word count gone — which was not at all a purposeful move so I could return to the mid−sized mountain of work currently dwarfing me, nope — I present you with a chunk of my beauty wish list. Not all of this stuff is horribly expensive, by the by. I just get easily distracted on CVS runs.

1. NARS Eyeshadow Palette, Self Portrait 3 ($55, Ugh, why didn’t I get on the Andy Warhol−inspired NARS line when it was new and hot and not in scant supply on Amazon?! This is for real the coolest eye shadow palette I have ever seen. It has Warhol’s face in it, rendered in dark brown, tan and periwinkle shadows. I love a beauty collab, truly I do.

2. Jurlique Intense Recovery Mask ($39, I’ve told you before that I’m wedded to one face mask (Origins’ Out of Trouble, specifically), but even though it’s a happy marriage, I can’t pretend my eye doesn’t occasionally ... wander. These come in adorable little mini−packets, too, so you’d think I would have gotten my act together enough to at least sample one. Nope. Still waiting, wishing, wondering, wanting.

3. Sun Bum SPF 50+ Clear Zinc Oxide ($9.99, I owned this once for, like, an hour, after Glamour’s summer beauty sale. It’s an awesome, coconutty zinc that makes your skin baby−butt soft. I know this because I gave it to my roommate in a magnanimous moment, and her skin looks great. I somewhat regret my generosity.

4. A friggin’ keratin treatment. I referenced these in my first column of the year, and I had a lot of my friends skulk over to me all, “Kool column wuts a keratin treatment.” (That’s a direct quote and, as such, is fit for print, lovely editors!) Well. It’s a magical, multi−hundred−dollar thing that happens to you in a salon and results in glossy−gleamy supermodel hair. Would that I could expense it to the Daily.

And, with my word count in the 600s, I bid you adieu. But first, I want to know: What’s on your beauty wish list? Get at me on Twitter; there’s really no better way to reach me.



Rebecca Santiago is a senior majoring in English. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @rebsanti.

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