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Students rally en masse to save tree — but tree does not need saving

Published: Thursday, October 23, 2008

Updated: Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:10


Aalok Kanani / Tufts Daily

Students came to a rally organized by a mystery man named Michael Canton.

About 30 students, apparently called into action by an enigmatic mystery organizer, gathered at noon yesterday beneath the largest tree on the President's Lawn to protest what they thought was the administration's decision to cut it down. But the administration says it was never considering removing the tree.

"Facilities has no plans to remove any tree on the Medford campus," said Pamela Dill, an administrative assistant in the Office of the Executive Vice President.

Dill said that there had not even been any such discussion about the tree, and that the people who organized the rally were misinformed. "We don't even know how this started," she said. "It seems to be a rumor."

Justin Birudavol, a senior, said that a number of organizations on campus received e-mails from an individual named Michael Canton stating that the tree was to be cut down. Canton, who is not a Tufts student, was not present at the protest, and no one in attendance could produce his phone number.

Senior Dan Buonaiuto, president of the Tufts Mountain Club (TMC), came to the protest in a penguin suit. "He just e-mailed student leaders," Buonaiuto said of Canton. "We got e-mails [from] this guy Michael through Tufts Mountain Club."

According to Buonaiuto, his group declined to endorse the protest, although a number of TMC members attended on their own volition.

TMC spokesperson Katie Bond said Canton sent e-mails to a number of TMC members, but did not go directly through the group. "He contacted some people on TMC, but it was not the TMC e-list," she said.

Sophomore Rob Gleich, who wore a banana suit yesterday and spent the majority of the protest perched on one of the tree's higher branches shouting down to students through a megaphone, said he heard second-hand about the tree's supposed removal and thought it made for a good outlet for student activism.

"I feel that this is a good opportunity for Tufts students to get behind something. Our big goal here is to get peoples' attention. That's the reason for the ridiculous costumes," Gleich said.

Birudavol echoed Gleich, saying the protest was for a worthy cause.

"It's a movement to promote social activism on campus," he said. "From what we understand, there were plans to move the tree, so we came together to support the tree," he said.

The administration, meanwhile, feels that it has been maligned by unfounded hearsay from a person who has yet to be identified.

"I would love to find out who the person is who started this terrible rumor," Dill said.

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Wed Oct 29 2008 22:01
This reminds of the "Tufts Against Machetes" prank someone pulled last year. Classic
Sat Oct 25 2008 04:08
Who just happens to have a penguin and banana suit in their dorm room??
Fri Oct 24 2008 21:40
Treejockey, the house is older than the university as well...
That banana guy
Fri Oct 24 2008 17:16
...but Keira Holloway insisted the rumor was true!
The Decider
Fri Oct 24 2008 13:30
Clearly this was a clever plan to get hippies to make asses of themselves. But showing up dressed like fruit? Whoah. Hippies: the comedic gift that keeps on giving.
Fri Oct 24 2008 10:51
Treejockey, if they take down Zeta where would everyone go to party?????
Thu Oct 23 2008 21:18
Someone's funny.
Thu Oct 23 2008 16:50
At some point the university is going to decide to take down Zeta Psi on professors row. I think they could pull that off. The tree next to the house is another matter. The tree is easily older than the university.
In On The Secret
Thu Oct 23 2008 15:50
hahahahaha. oh tufts.
Thu Oct 23 2008 15:03
To be fair, attendance at the rally represents half of one percent of all Tufts undergrads, which, considering the massive advertising on campus in advance of the rally, is quite low.

But at the same time... somebody's hoaxing somebody, that's for sure. And basic fact checking could never hurt.

I know that during renovations to my hometown high school (out of state), they had to post notices on trees to be cut down a certain number of days in advance. Does anyone know if a similar notice would be required in Medford/Somerville/Massachusetts?

M. Canton
Thu Oct 23 2008 14:45
Your name
Thu Oct 23 2008 13:55
enough free time to dress up for a protest, not enough free time to do basic research.
L. Peregrino
Thu Oct 23 2008 12:20
Lovely tree. I would have gone to a protest if I heard it was going to be cut down.
Sketchy Grad Student
Thu Oct 23 2008 11:04
Damn hippies! Get back to class!

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