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Top Ten | Things we wish we had seen instead of the Super Bowl halftime show

Published: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updated: Thursday, February 10, 2011 06:02

This past Sunday, the Black Eyed Peas did a horrible job at the Super (more like "Subpar") Bowl halftime show. Rather than said crappy band, here are the top ten things that the Daily Arts Department would have rather seen.

10) Janet Jackson's breast: We want to see how this breast has grown over the years and triumphed in spite of its shady past.

9) Grass growing: At first glance, this may not sound very exciting. Seeing grass grow, however, means seeing snow shrink ... and we're really sick of snow.

8) Puppy Bowl: Sure, some people might find attractive or may be into Slash's '80s look, but over on Animal Planet, there were puppies! Playing football! It doesn't get cuter than that.

7) Actual black-eyed peas: They have more personality than the band, plus they won't leave an awful taste in your mouth like Fergie probably does. She says she's Fergalicious, but we have our doubts.

6) Guns N' Roses (instead of just Slash): Either the band or actual guns and roses. Either way would've been a lot more entertaining.

5) Justin Bieber movie: Forget green and yellow. The premiere for "Never Say Never" was purple-themed, and unlike any football team, this artist is someone you can always Belieb in.

4) Avatar (2009): Why not? It was a pretty good movie.

3) Tufts' own Perambulator: A band featuring the Daily's own Mitchell Geller and Emma Bushnell. We hear they're pretty good (or so they say). "Bomb on the Mic" in stores 6/27.

2) Janet Jackson's other breast: Right breast is so 2004.

1) Owls flying: Owls look like this: (0v0) — watch as they flap their silver wings.


compiled by the Daily Arts Department

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