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Where you read it first | Saturday, June 22, 2024


column graphic for Max Druckman's "Munching with Max" column

Munching with Max: Lunch at Hodge

While my capacity as a columnist for the Tufts Daily doesn’t permit me to travel the world in search of its best sandwiches (yet?), it does allow me to eat my way through Tufts’ campus, one sandwich at a time.

Jumbo Night Live is pictured.

Tufts’ oldest and newest clubs foster community and friendship

Tufts is known for its world-renowned research programs and professional opportunities, but outside of that, there are over 300 student organizations for students to immerse themselves in. Despite Tufts' long-term standing as an institution for over 150 years, there are clubs that have stood the test of time and have persisted as pillars of support on campus. One of those clubs is the Tufts Mountain Club. Tufts Mountain Club (or TMC for short) is one of the oldest and largest clubs on campus. Founded in 1939, TMC has continued to act as a valuable resource for those in the Tufts community wanting to explore the outdoors. Olivia Potier, the president of TMC, wishes for the club to be a space where the Tufts community can take advantage of the outdoors.“Our motto is go outside. Our goal is to get as many Tufts students doing things outside, whether that be locally or up in New Hampshire, where we have a property called The Loj,” Potier said. “Our goal is to make the outdoors accessible and inclusive for anyone in the Tufts community who wants to be part of that.”


Stress-less: Tips to reduce your everyday stress

As the leaves begin to change and the word “midterm” begins to be synonymous with “Monday” instead of “next month,” it feels appropriate to address the collective feelings of stress and anxiety rising around campus. Whether your current preferred method of dealing with stress is locking yourself in the Hirsh Reading Room chugging Celsius drinks, or choosing to ignore the ever-looming assignments ahead of you, here are some scientifically backed practices that can help lower cortisol levels and foster a more calm and collected state.

What Tufts Students are Reading article graphic

What are Tufts students reading?

After enduring dozens of textbook pages and required readings, leisure reading is not always the first activity to come to mind for busy Tufts students. Activities like watching TV or listening to music may appear to be more useful in de-stressing after assigned reading and writing assignments. However, Tufts students can often be found reading on President’s Lawn or enjoying a good book on the weekends.

graphic for Jeremy Gramson's "T Time" column

T Time: North Station

I want to begin by crediting Kevin Zhang for inspiring this column. Before graduating from Tufts, Zhang wrote a column called “Tales from the T,” which I seek to now continue with “T Time.”

The text of James Moore’s poem, part of the public art installation, is depicted alongside Davis Station.

Right under your feet: Red Line poems in Davis Square break up daily commute

As a commuter tried to make out the words of Richard C. Shaner’s “Gilman Pond Mountain,”someone walked right over it. Engraved poems line the brick floor of the Davis Square MBTA station. Installed in the 1980s shortly after the station was initially constructed, the poems range from classics by Walt Whitman and Elizabeth Bishop to a short poem on the “free will” of tomatoes by Peter Payack.

Graphic for Jacob Ren's column "Cabinet of Curiosities"

Cabinet of Curiosities: The basement bathroom of Houston Hall

If you turn right on the basement floor of Houston Hall, you’ll see a signless grey door with a metal plate where the handle is supposed to be. Inside, you won’t find the popular ’70s R&B disco band Earth, Wind & Fire, but rather the stalls where Houston basement residents flush, brush and shower, surrounding you left, right and center.


Making sense of Tufts’ decline in national rankings

Anushka Dharia and her father Neel Dharia from Chandler, Ariz., sat at a sunny table outside of Dowling Hall on Oct. 3, as they pored over Tufts admissions brochures, waiting to convene for their campus tour. Anushka, a high school senior in the beginning of her college application process, said she had heard of the reports that Tufts recently declined in two major national college ranking lists a couple weeks prior, but did not seem worried.

Tufts Cheer pictured during a game.

What does school spirit at Tufts look like?

During this year’s rainy Homecoming, groups of students, parents and alumni took refuge under their umbrellas to cheer on the Tufts football team. Despite the spirited efforts of both Tufts Pep Band and Tufts Cheerleading, there was a lack of student turnout. However, this does not mean that school spirit is absent at Tufts.

graphic for Benjamin Rachel's A Jumbo's Journey column (features)

A Jumbo’s Journey: My very first Duo Mobile push

There are probably a plethora of questions: Why is a freshman writing a column titled “A Jumbo’s Journey”? What is this column, and why is it being published by the prestigious, apparently seventh-best college newspaper, The Tufts Daily? As I sit here in the darkness and loneliness of mysingle room, I understand that I can’t answer all of your questions just yet. Instead, I hope to give an overview of who I am and what this column will be.

Graphic by Emma Selesnick.

Demystifying the daunting Tufts off-campus housing process

For sophomores, the return to Tufts following summer is an exciting one. With a year of college behind them, Tufts sophomores come back well-acquainted with campus life and eager for a new year. This blissful bubble bursts within the first month of sophomore year, as they are confronted with a daunting task: finding an off-campus house to live in the next year.


Tufts celebrates 30 years of LatinXcellence with upcoming reception and showcase

The fall semester is officially in full swing, and with it comes an exciting month for the Tufts Latinx community. Not only is this October Latinx Heritage Month, a nationwide celebration of the culture, but it also marks the Tufts Latinx Center’s monumental 30th anniversary. Located on the corner of Talbot and College Ave, the Tufts Latinx Center — or, as students affectionately call it, the “LC” — is celebrating “30 years of LatinXcellence.”

SW Corridor Park.jpg

Navigating Boston by the trees

Hopping off the MBTA Green Line after riding from the Medford/Tufts station to Park Street, the transition from a suburban to urban landscape is self-evident. The air downtown is saturated with the smells of street food, gasoline and sweat. Glancing around offers a view of Boston’s skyline juxtaposed with the expansive Boston Common and Public Garden. From this spot, exploring Boston can take on many different forms, like traveling by way of urban green spaces.

Hannah Friedman and her sister pictured at "The Eras Tour"

Taylor Swift’s 'The Eras Tour' helps critique Ticketmaster’s role in the music industry

This past summer, Taylor Swift fans gathered in masses to watch “The Eras Tour” across the United States. Back in Nov. 2022, the process of buying tickets for many fans with presale access, like junior Hannah Friedman, was almost impossible. “I was sitting in Cohen Auditorium about half an hour before Bio 13 started, and I had a presale code,” Friedman said. “I was waiting in the 2,000+ person queue, [and] finally it gets to my turn. I put four tickets in my cart … I am ready to go, ready to press checkout, and then it kicks me back to the end of the line. I personally did not get tickets that day, but my aunt was able to get through and she got us tickets.”

Hodge 2.JPG

Mixed reviews on Hodgdon Food-On-The-Run’s long-awaited return

When Hodgdon Food-On-The-Run closed on March 10, 2023 for remodeling, many Tufts students were upset with the lack of dining options on campus and the temporary shutdown. Hodgdon Food-On-the-Run, affectionately nicknamed “Hodge,” serves as a staple for grab-and-go snacks or quick takeout meals. This semester it reopened after closing the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year.

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