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Where you read it first | Saturday, March 2, 2024

7 questions with Ben Bloom

Full name: Benjamin Myerow Bloom

Nickname: Bleu Cheese BodyBag, Uncle Scheizer, Happy Hebrew

Hometown: Straight outta Wellesley, Mass ... A crazy Hebrew named Ben G.

Favorite hobby: Chasing after balls

Birthdate: October 17, 1982

Zodiac sign: Libra

Favorite athlete: Tedy Bruschi, with Oil Can Boyd as a close second

Favorite Tufts athlete (current): [Senior Defensive End] Josh Harris. He is number one on the roster and also number one in my heart.

If you think you know Tufts senior football center and everyman Benny Bloom, you have no idea. When not eating salads and doing sit-ups, this jolly Jumbo can be found running hot routes to perfection in Madden 2005 or splashing the pot in a game of Texas Hold 'em.

His adoring fan base and love for all things brown and blue make him the true big man on campus. I caught up with my summer housemate while he was in the DU foyer teaching blocking techniques to Larry the Cook. Naturally, seven questions ensued.

1. So you were in France for the early part of the summer. What was the coolest part of that?


There is too much good stuff in Talloires to even try to include all the highlights. Rooming with Money Matt McCarthy is unforgettable, and the three to one girl to guy ratio was also very conducive to my personal happiness.

2. You are living on Chester Ave. with three other athletes and one ex-athlete. Who is the cream of the crop?


This is a hard one. My first thought would be Shotgun Bobby Kenny (baseball catcher) but after further investigation, I would have to go with Jason Gasey, I mean Casey. As we all know he is the captain quarterback of the Jumbos, but he was also an all-state catcher in New Hampshire. He is most remembered in NH high school baseball folklore for his frequent check swings.

3. Is this the year we see a center eligible and Blooma going in for six?


I have been lobbying hard to get that one put in the play book, but I can't get coach Samko to budge. I guess that play will only be in our dreams, Timmy.

4. Is there any truth to the rumor that you bench press Donavan Brown to get a workout in?


That is true. But sometimes I just do single arm curls with Dizzle Brizzle for a good bicep workout. And if I'm feeling real ambitious, I have been known to put him on my back and bang out some squats.

5. For how many years do you think you'll play professional football?


Well, my agent says if I don't get drafted by the Pats, that the Arena League team at Mohegan Sun is looking for slow centers for next season. So I got that going for me. Based on that, I think I have at least five years of pro ball in my future, regardless of the level.

6. You were nowhere to be found Saturday night. Would you like to confirm your whereabouts and end all speculation?


There was a Sex and the City marathon on TBS and as badly as I wanted to go to DU, I was having too much fun spending my Saturday night with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

7. What's the rhyme or reason behind the 'fro? Any thought of cornrows?


I have considered cutting the 'fro but after numerous compliments from the

Tufts Female Community I had no choice but to let it be and let the 'fro continue to grow. I've heard cornrows hurt and pull on the scalp, so with my delicate and tender scalp I would be more open to the less painful and more free-flowing braids.