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Where you read it first | Saturday, May 25, 2024


The Tufts Daily is more than a student newspaper; it’s also a hub of journalism education and community for dozens of reporters, editors, photographers, videographers, artists, podcasters and more. The Daily’s all-volunteer staff of more than 160 students work every day to produce free, independent journalism for the Tufts and Medford/Somerville communities. Today, we humbly ask that you consider making a contribution to support our efforts. 

Support independent student journalism.

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We’re raising the funds needed to sustain our paywall-free website and print our newspaper for the next year, so that the Daily can continue to be “where you read it first.” That slogan has been especially true over the past twelve months. In December, our team shared live updates and multimedia explainers as Tufts was faced with seven bomb threats in nine days. This August, as Tufts resident assistants went on a historic strike, readers again turned to the Daily for on-the-ground reporting and an in-depth investigation about a unionization effort we’ve been tracking for months.


“It’s difficult to imagine my college experience without the Daily. I’ve gained so much knowledge that can’t be learned in the classroom and feel so lucky to have met such special, engaged people as part of this team.”

- Kaitlyn Wells, Managing Editor Fall ’23

Unlike most other student organizations, the Daily receives no funding from the Tufts Student Senate. Your support today will help us cover our three largest and most crucial operational expenses for the next year:

  • Publishing and distributing our weekly print paper. Our paper is distributed free of charge at 27 locations on and off campus.
  • Website hosting fees. Launched over the summer, our new site alleviates our cybersecurity risks, provides new opportunities for multimedia journalism, and enables us to increase our digital advertising revenue through online ads.
  • Education and training costs. Since Tufts does not have a journalism major or minor, the Daily serves as a vital source of journalism education and mentorship for students. Costs range from A/V equipment to office supplies to the software subscriptions we use to lay out our newspaper.

Donate to the Daily here!

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In order to preserve its editorial independence, the Tufts Daily does not receive any funding from the Tufts Community Union Senate. This means the Daily is reliant largely on advertising revenues and donations to cover its costs.

Alongside this fundraising campaign, The Tufts Daily is improving its budget processes to better control costs and is investing in improved digitalization, including the launch of an entirely new website later this year, helping to drive significant growth in digital ad revenue. 

All funds raised from Tufts Daily alumni will require the Tufts Daily Alumni Council's consent before they can be spent in line with the Growing Access 2023 campaign commitments. A fundraising, spending and impact report will be provided to alumni annually so they can see how their funds were used. Any funds given by non-alumni, such as parents or students, will be provided directly to The Tufts Daily for operational costs and will not be overseen by the Tufts Daily Alumni Council.

All donations will be directed to The Tufts Daily via a donation to Tufts University. Tufts University is a 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is tax deductible.

The Tufts Daily Alumni Council was formed in 2021, designated to support current and former staff of The Tufts Daily by providing guidance, support, fundraising assistance, and networking opportunities. It is open to participation from Tufts Daily alums, and currently is made up of 11 members.  

If you are interested in supporting the fundraising campaign, or in support the work of the Council more generally, or have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please email Jonathan Graham at

Thank you!

Your donation today will help the Daily to meet its next challenge, to expand access to the one of the best college newspapers in the country. By doing so, we can help the Tufts Daily have an even larger impact across the Tufts community and on its readership. 

Donate to the Daily here!