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Where you read it first | Saturday, June 22, 2024


Listen to The Labyrinth, The Heard, Backstage Pass, Senior Soliloquies, Media Diet and more wherever you get your podcasts. Brought to you by the Daily’s Audio section.

Welcome to The Labyrinth, a podcast where Emma and Aisha guide you through the twists and turns of the past, present and future. Each episode will satisfy your curiosities by going on a deep dive into the obscure.

Listen to The Labyrinth on Spotify

Latest episode: Unveiling P.T. Barnum: Master Showman or Master Conman?
We unravel the layers of P.T Barnum’s story, from his humble beginnings to his rise as the quintessential showman of the 19th century. We discuss how he was both an entertainer who brought joy and wonder to the 1800s public while also being a shrewd manipulator who exploited the vulnerable for profit. 

Welcome to The Heard, a storytelling podcast where anyone at Tufts can come tell a story about anything at Tufts.

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Latest episode: O-Week
Stories told from the first whirlwind week of college life.

Welcome to Backstage Pass, a music podcast where we take you backstage into the lives and moments of your favorite artists and concerts.

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Latest episode: Peach Pit - Levitate Ep. 2
All members of the well-known indie pop band “Peach Pit” sat down for a conversation with the Daily at the Levitate Music Festival in July of 2023. They gave insights on their newest album “From 2 to 3,” their songwriting process and their plans going forward with the band.

Welcome to Media Diet, an arts podcast that provides writers a space to muse on all the culture they’ve been consuming. Hosted by Henry Chandonnet.

Listen to Media Diet on Spotify

Latest episode: boygenius + Jack’s Daily reflections
Henry discusses boygenius’ new record and is joined by former executive arts editor Jack Clohisy.

Welcome to Senior Soliloquies, a podcast that gives seniors the opportunity to reflect on their time at Tufts.

Listen to Senior Soliloquies on Spotify

Latest episode: Emily Nadler
Emily Nadler is a musician, biker and cognitive and brain science major in the Class of 2023.

Welcome to My Daily Story, a podcast where staff members, past and present, share their experiences and memories at the Daily.

Listen to My Daily Story on Spotify

Latest episode: My Daily Story: Robert Kaplan
We interview former business director and executive news editor Robert Kaplan.

Welcome to The Rewind, the Daily's news podcast where our reporters discuss the latest headlines.

Listen to The Rewind on Spotify

Latest episode: An End to Legacy Admissions and a Speech to End the Year
News Editor Coco Arcand discusses with Rewind host Sam Dieringer the recent resolution passed by the Tufts Faculty Senate regarding legacy consideration in the admissions process. 



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