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Where you read it first | Monday, June 24, 2024

Doling out the dough

The TCU Senate will lead a town-hall meeting tonight where students and senators can debate how to spend the $689,775.75 in disposable recovered funds from the embezzlement scandal. TCU President Duncan Pickard informed the Daily last night of the 13 options that members of the community have come up with. These ideas will provide the basis for tonight's discussion, although Pickard said that if other ideas crop up, senators will be receptive to them, as well.

Fund renovations to the campus center

Put it into the university's endowment; use the interest to fund a different project every year

Give it to the school for financial aid; challenge donors to match the contribution

Loan to the university for financial aid

Reduce the cost of tickets for on-campus events

Aid construction of Trips Cabin at the Loj

Put toward campus wireless

Add a new space for social events on campus

Donate to charity

Fund club sports

Make Spring Fling bigger this year

Keep it for future use

Distribute it through the Allocations Board to fund major group projects

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