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Where you read it first | Monday, June 24, 2024

Students find time between studying and work to tune into omnipresent coverage of yesterday's major

Even students swamped with midterms and locked behind the counters of their on-campus jobs found time to follow the election last night. Students in both Brown ‘n Brew and the Tower Café studied furiously before running home to tune in, while others studied with their laptops nearby streaming live coverage. The students working in both locations remained huddled in masses behind the counter with laptops open — the students at the Tower Café even had multiple tabs of news sites open, in hopes of gaining well-rounded campaign information.

"[The rest of the staff and I are] huddled in the back of Brown ‘n Brew watching the election on two different computers. My shift goes from eight to 11 tonight, and I have it every week, so I couldn't really switch out of it. When the debates were going on, sometimes we would just not go up to the counter so as to discourage people to leave."
Patricia Pop, sophomore

"I'm going to start watching the election coverage really soon, but right now I have to finish up some work for my midterm tomorrow … it's so unfortunate that we have midterms during election week, and the teachers can't be convinced."
Tatiana Rais, sophomore

"I'm studying for my genetics exam tomorrow at 1:30. I'll probably go back and forth between studying and checking in on the coverage throughout the night."
Stacey Lee, senior

"Behind the counter, on a laptop, we've got ABC — where we're watching streaming coverage, and we've got NBC [on another tab], but they keep taking breaks every five minutes, so we're not really watching that, and we've even got Fox News, just to see what they're up to. So we're really keeping ourselves updated, even though we have to work."
Josh Hale, Emily Starck, Phil Ramirez, sophomores

"I'm going to study for my midterms tonight. I'll probably watch some of the coverage also, either on my computer, or I might go to the Campus Center to watch it on a TV."
Martin Ribadeneira, freshman

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