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Where you read it first | Saturday, April 20, 2024

The best fictional colleges from film and television  

The only thing that might be more enjoyable than actually attending college is watching the countless television shows and movies that focus on the best four years of your life. This list goes over some of my favorite fictional colleges.

Greendale Community College

NBC’s "Community" (2009-2015) is not only a great binge-watching choice for finals season, but it also introduces us to one of the best fictional colleges, Greendale, whose motto is “You’re Already Accepted.” The school prides itself on five characteristics (Accessibility, Affordability, Air Conditioning, Awesome New Friends, A Lot of Classes) as well as on the “No More Than 64” promise, which guarantees that students will never pay more than $64 per credit hour. Greendale is home to an eccentric dean, paintball fights and some hilarious professors. A great choice for your higher education needs.

Blue Mountain State

Spike's short-lived "Blue Mountain State" (2010-2011) focused on the titular institution -- a huge state school home to the crazy antics of its football team. It is also a haven for partying, drinking and general debauchery. The Mountain Goats are routinely one of the college football's best teams, despite having a core group of players that would much rather party than practice. BMS student-athletes include Alex Moran (Darin Brooks), the ambitionless backup quarterback, and Sammy (Chris Romano), his best friend and team mascot. The biggest personality, however, is Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson), the linebacker and team captain who, though lacking in intellect, is a force on the field. Going to BMS would, quite simply, be a 24/7 party.

Monsters University

Pixar’s 2013 offering, "Monsters University," is a creative, entertaining and engaging parody of the quintessential American university and packs in many entertaining allusions to college life. Sulley and Mike Wazowski (voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal, respectively), of "Monsters, Inc." (2001) fame, first met at MU’s School of Scaring, which is ranked number one by the Monster News & Report.Greek Life is also very important to MU students -- the university boasts six fraternities and six sororities. MU is located outside of the city of Monstropolis and was founded in 1313 after a land grant. To this day, it is still a top-notch institution where many young monsters learn the tricks of the scaring trade.

Faber College

This was a no-brainer addition to the list. "Animal House" (1978) is perhaps one of the best college movies of all time and has inspired decades of fraternity debauchery, both real and fictional. The movie tells the story of how the brothers of Delta Tau Chi challenge the dean of Faber College, and features John Belushi in the now classic “College” crewneck. Faber is an outright ridiculous place: professors sleep with students, kids urinate on each other and students vomit on the dean. Nonetheless, the movie is now a part of the National Film Registry and is such an iconic college film that it should be required viewing for all university-bound kids. Faber, like many of the other fictional schools on this list, provided us with many laughs and unforgettable moments, all while shaping our view of what college is and what it can be.