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Where you read it first | Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Letter from the Editor: Introducing our columnists

This issue marks the first day of full-fledged production for The Tufts Daily, meaning that the Daily is finally printing daily! As we jump into our regular schedule, we have a series of new contributors joining us in our pages. I have the privilege of introducing you to this new group of people who have impressed us with their insights, perspectives and humor: our weekly columnists.

The Features section will open the week with members of the Rainbow House drawing on their individual experiences to discuss queer issues in "On Queer." Next, juniors Natasha Khwaja and Faryal Jafri hope to juxtapose their different upbringings by sharing their perspectives on a variety of topics in "Karachi versus Kansas." On Wednesdays, senior Kevin Lawson will provide readers with a satirical monologue taking you through the top stories of the week in "The Tufts Daily Show." Sophomore Amanda Lillie will finish off the week by helping readers focus on enjoying life at Tufts despite being surrounded by stressors in "Maintaining Your Tuftsanity."

Junior Nikki Margaretos will start off the week in Arts & Living, with "Is This Thing On?" She plans to examine pop songs each week, both current and throwbacks, and discuss their place in the context of college life. Next, first-year Tommy Gillespie plans to tell the story of his first year at Tufts as told by movies in "The Reel World." On Wednesdays, Senior Emily Friedlander and Junior Ana Antolin will dissect the most recent episode of Project Runway, featuring insights from the Tufts arts community in "Runway Roundup." Finally, sophomore Parker Selman will wrap up the week by dishing out a restaurant roundup to help you get off campus for a delicious bite every week with "All in Good Taste."

Junior Aren Torikian is back with us in Opinion this semester with "The Arena," where he will share his insights on the upcoming presidential election. Sophomore Jake Lawicki will share his advice on on everyday life lessons learned at Tufts in "Jumbo Steps" every Tuesday. First-year Daniel Lewis hopes to break through "The Echo Chamber" of a liberal university by offering both sides of debated issues in his weekly column. Clinching up the week, we have junior Anna Sossenheimer hoping to offer advice on navigating personal obstacles in "Jumping Hurdles."

In Sports, senior Max Goder-Reiser will discuss unique and historically-relevant sports-world events every Monday in "Out of Left Field." Next, first-year Nicky Shapiro hopes to help readers look at athletes through a new lens in “Under the Lights.” Sophomore Brad Schussel is looking into the crystal ball with “Brad’s Bold Predictions” every Wednesday. Senior Vinny Donofrio will provide his predictions and advice for fantasy football in "Vinny’s Variety Pack" every Thursday.

We are looking forward to getting to know them all through their columns and we hope you are too! Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the columnists with any questions or comments through their contact information listed at the bottom of each of their weekly columns. Also feel free to reach out to the Daily at any points with any questions or concerns at



Arin Kerstein