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Where you read it first | Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Too Haute, Haute Damn

Much to our disappointment, there was no new episode of "Project Runway"(2004-present) last week (something to do with turkey and mashed potatoes), but luckily there was an episode TWO weeks ago that we did not write about (something to do with corn and pie). With that episode came the challenge that all the designers have been waiting for: the editorial challenge. Editorial means that the looks are meant for print ads and are not necessarily built to be sold or worn like other garments, allowing designers to pursue their more avant-garde aesthetics.

To give the designers inspiration for their pieces, they were flown above the city of New York in helicopters, where they drew from the shapes and color of the skyscrapers and the rivers that dominate the city. The bird’s eye view of New York from that scene could have been stolen from the opening credits of most rom-coms, except for the fact that our beloved designer Mah-Jing lost his cool and screamed and cried the whole flight.

With only eight competitors left, we can tell that the energy of the designers is beginning to wane. The workroom was quiet, and it was hard to find the one-liners that we know and love. Designers are just trying to keep their creative juices flowing without having a full meltdown (what is the end of midterms amiright?). Some designers were able to pull through and others fell apart. Designer Erin worked on making her comeback from being in the bottom-three four weeks in a row with her mix of regular and industrial textiles. After scrapping her initial slightly-yonic design, she ended up with a pink A-line dress with a blue ruffle at the hem. The judges loved it, but we think it looked like a seven-year-old's princess dress.

Designer Dexter remade the jacket from the Urban Jungle challenge with the Mickey Mouse ears and an indescribable black lace dress. It was indescribable because he didn’t really do anything. It was basically lace with armholes and a hood that went over the model’s own underwear.  The judges hated the jacket in the past challenge, and they hated it now. Dexter was sent home. In a surprise twist, Designer Natalia was also sent home when she made a poorly-constructed space-age jumpsuit. It was painful to watch her this episode, as we saw her break down and create something we know was not her best work.

Cornelius won this challenge with a smart, well-fitted gray dress with inserts of bright arrows at the shoulders and hips. It was the true comeback moment that Tim knew would happen when he saved Cornelius two weeks earlier.

This week’s guest judge was our beds. With all the hubbub of traveling and being generally sick of people, we cuddled up in our respective beds and enjoyed the episode with as many bathroom and snack breaks as our hearts desired. Best judges yet (sorry all previous judges).