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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Love It Or Haute It: Bootcut jeans


The bootcut jean look has made a strong comeback. Many have jumped on board enthusiastically and the look can be seen everywhere, including our very own campus. The bootcut offers a fresh new denim option and many retailers have started specific bootcut lines. Today, we will discuss whether we think the bootcut resurgence is a good move or not. 

Beans: I love the bootcut jean look. Although I was never able to pull this look off as a child, I am glad they are making a comeback so I can have a second chance. You see, I was more of a sporty kid than a horse kid, so the go-to look for me was a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. The horse girl from my middle school, on the other hand, wore flared jeans and a nature-themed shirt. While little has changed for my fashion since then, I truly believe my horse girl energy has recently begun to manifest. I find myself neighing at my friends when I pass, and crunching on raw carrots while finding my rhythm cantering across the grass on the President’s Lawn. I take this look’s resurgence in popularity as a chance to do it all again. To relive the glorious times of second through fifth grade, when it was encouraged to explore your weird fashion senses and to gallop between first and second period. 

Coco: As usual I do not think Beans has any idea what she is talking about, as bootcut jeans are definitely not what is worn to ride a horse. Therefore, it makes zero sense for a horse girl to be wearing bootcut jeans. Although I disagree with her whole premise and do not understand her story, I will agree that bootcut jeans are a look. I welcome the return of bootcut jeans, as they provide another denim option that is quite distinct from the other denim cuts like mom jeans and skinny jeans. Wearing bootcuts makes me feel like I should be heading to the disco, which is an amazing vibe when I am actually just going to statistics. The other great thing about bootcut jeans is that they can come in a ton of different variations, so there is a subtype for everyone. The full-length bootcut jean with the stars on the back and huge flare bottoms is the classic choice for sorority girls. There is also the more ankle-cut, mild-flare type which is a personal favorite of mine for going to class because it is more casual. There really is a type for everyone. This accessibility is no doubt the reason that the bootcuts have come back so strongly. I think it is also important to note the accompanying resurgence of low-rise jeans which has come, as many bootcut jeans are low-rise. While I was initially undecided on low-rises, I think that when they are paired with bootcuts, they create a look that will make anyone feel like Christina Aguilera (aka the undisputed Queen of Low-rise Bootcut) in the early 2000s.