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Where you read it first | Friday, June 21, 2024

Love It or Haute It: Fringe


While fringe has never gone away completely, it was heavily featured in the Spring 2020 fashion shows and will likely become much more common than it ever was before. We do not like to discriminate here, so instead of focusing on specific fringed garments (think fringe jackets, fringe dresses, fringe purses, etc.), we chose to take a more broad view and focus on the fringe as its own concept. So as you shop for your spring garments, we are here to let you know if you should pick up some fringe or not. 

Coco: I was born a die-hard fringe fan and I think that I will die as one too. From my forest-green fringe dress for my kindergarten holiday recital to my fringe high school prom dress, those hanging strings just never disappoint! It really can do it all. From looking like a cowboy who just caught some criminals in suede fringe to a rockstar in a classic leather fringe jacket, the trend has the power to transform you into the chic protagonist of a movie you always looked up to. Wearing fringe on an average day is a super bold move but it might make people think you are cool enough that they will actually talk to you (or they will think you are a freak, but that’s a gamble I would take). However, a more underrated use of fringe is how it can be so elegant in more formal styles. The Oscar de la Renta and Christian Siriano Spring 2020 Fashion Shows both displayed fringed looks and they were show stoppers. The way it sways as the model saunters up the runway shows why fringe is one of the most beautiful, and underutilized, textiles. The movement creates a feeling that the garment is alive. So, in conclusion, I hope to see fringe everywhere and on everyone this spring because it is magnificent. 

Beans: While I know that I will never be able to pull off this look, I fully respect those who can. I have never owned any fringe but I have a strong attachment to the idea of fringe. I personally associate fringe with your cool aunt in a punk rock band with her high school buddies. The definition of badass: electric guitar plugged into a vintage amp, blaring Blondie’s greatest hits. I aspire to have that kind of energy, that kind of confidence, to rock and roll on stage with my best homies in a fringe leather jacket. To see the bits of leather blowing the heat of a crowded basement show is a privilege. In trying times such as these, I think it’s important for us to hone this energy. We have a major life event to overcome. The only way to get through it is by washing our hands, sticking together and wearing fringe leather jackets. While we are feeling the pain of being ditched by our university, we should be with our best friends. We should be shredding guitar solos, forgetting about our husbands and rocking out to 80s hits.

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