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Where you read it first | Thursday, April 18, 2024

Wolf x Rose brings sustainability, well-being to the undergarment industry

Wolf x Rose by Prophetik is an up-and-coming underwear brand that sustainably makes non-toxic products from soft hemp. The company’s goal is for as many people as possible to have access to its non-toxic underwear to help prevent prostate and breast cancer, which can be caused by toxic dyes and chemicals with carcinogenic properties found in other underwear brands. To combat this serious issue, American fashion designer Jeff Garner founded the Wolf x Rose brand.

Garner is far from a novice in the fashion industry. A pioneer and unconventional designer, Garner has had experience dressing and designing for celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Nick Jonas. He founded the fashion label Prophetik, which has the goal of providing sustainable luxury fashion. Garner also worked on and received an Emmy for “Remastered,” (2018) his documentary which discusses the dangers of fast fashion. From his point of view, he “founded Wolf x Rose to allow more people to touch, feel, and [understand] the difference in toxic-free clothing.”

“[We] also pull energy from history in [the] designs … [we] believe that at one time design served more of a productive functionality than the smoke and mirror efforts of today. [Therefore], marrying beauty and function is key for the future," the Wolf x Rose team wrote in an email to the Daily.

One of the most important aspects of the underwear is that it is made from soft hemp. Wolf x Rose uses a California-based fabric supplier who sources hemp that was grown, processed and spun in China or Canada. Similarly, when possible, the dyes used on the material are provided locally from organic farmers in Tennessee or Malibu. The soft hemp is an ideal product for the underwear as it holds its shape because it is the most durable and the strongest natural fiber. Soft hemp is also porous, which allows for great breathability and offers antimicrobial properties. On top of all that, the fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear.  

While the garments from Wolf x Rose are beneficial to our health, they also have many benefits for the Earth’s health. The materials that Wolf x Rose uses are free from toxic dyes and chemicalswhich traditionally pollute the environment in other apparel production. The company also shows its commitment to the environment in its packaging, which is minimalistic and compostable.Wolf x Rose combats the environmental issues associated with distribution by using carbon neutral shipping methods. The team at Wolf x Rose explained how consumers can be more conscious when making their purchases in an email to the Daily.  

“Ideally, the consumer would need to educate themselves in that certain product and the ingredients that make up that product, then diligently research to see how close that certain product falls within the parameters of sustainability. Marketing has been diluting our perceptions of commerce for hundreds of years and will continue to do so. We think the heart and intent of the brand or designer should also be looked at ... The simplest advice is to just ask questions and flip over the tag or label and view the makeup,” the team wrote.

Wolf x Rose surpassed its $15,000 goal on Kickstarter by raising $17,950 from 147 backers. The garment company plans on launching its sustainable, soft hemp underwear at London Fashion Week 2020.

The only product the company is selling now is underwear, but the brand does plan on expanding in the future, according to the team.

“Wolf X Rose Prophetik Intimates will ideally spread to ... other areas like ... teenage training bras, women’s yoga pants, etc. The idea is to make the best solution out of the most natural fabrications and dyes to fit the need of the everyday conscious individual,” the team said.

More information about Wolf x Rose can be found on its Kickstarter campaign or the company’s Instagram page. This underwear brand is an exciting example of an ongoing trend to change the ways of the fashion industry, the world’s second largest pollution contributor. But, since consumers are the largest factor in deciding the direction of the fashion industry, their purchases must be done with the environment and their health in mind to encourage the market to offer more products like the Wolf x Rose underwear.