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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Friday, May 24, 2024

Humans of Tufts: Katrina Lin '24

By Camilla Samuel


Sophia Grekin: "You said ... 'I was young and dumb.' Do you have a memory [you associate with that?]"

Katrina Lin: "Oh my god, which one though... Oh my gosh so when I was little I read a lot of fantasy books. So I, like, tricked myself into thinking I was a witch." 

KL: "I would go on walks and I would sing on these walks, and I would do improv. It was like Ariel from the little mermaid, 'this is my moment.' I would just sing. I would pick up litter and be like, ‘I’m such an eco friendly witch,’ like making the world a better place. I would go into the backyard and pretend I talked to the animals, and surround myself with nuts so that the chipmunks would come, because I wanted to feed chipmunks so bad. I was also a major horse girl."

"One time I had a crush on this boy... Well I looked up spells, like love spells. This is me at 10 years old. I remember this spell, it was something like you’d have to write either why you liked him or other stuff on a piece of paper, and then fold it into a square and draw an eye on top of it and you put it under your pillow… Then it's supposed to manifest something between you and your crush… I did that. I put it under my pillow and I slept... I dreamed about him and I was like oh my god it worked."

SG: "Did it?"

KL: "No, I talked to that boy a grand total of three times."

SG: "Talking about being younger, you think your younger self would be proud of you?"

KL: "Yeah. I think so. I think young me would be very proud. Well maybe not because I’m not a witch. I think yeah, she would be proud of the person she became and the things in her life that have come to fruition." 

SG: "What were your dreams?"

KL: "I really wanted life to not be mundane. I would read all these fantasy books and be like, 'Life is so boring. Like grass just grows, I wanna make the grass grow... and why aren’t there unicorns?'"

"I think one thing I learned as I got older is that the mundane things are the magical things. It’s so cheesy, but I think I was able to turn that want for something more into what I already have. So now I’m like the sky is blue ... or that cloud is shaped like cotton candy, we don’t deserve it. I think I found a lot of the magic I wanted when I was little."