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Where you read it first | Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Potty Talk: Boweling Hall

Most Tufts students probably haven’t been in Dowling Hall since their campus-touring days in high school. Others visit frequently to pick up the newest copy of JUMBO Magazine. Whichever camp you fall into, Dowling Hall’s bathrooms are indubitably the gateway into Tufts lavatories.


There are plenty of bathrooms on campus that containstudy spaces, but perhaps none are as well appointed as Dowling’s. There is a comfortable and sleek blue desk chair and a desk built into the wall. Next to the desk sit two large cabinets that contain several reams of printer paper and ample storage space for school supplies.

It is unclear if this study space is meant to be used with the door locked, or if the intention is for the studier to leave the door unlocked so that the bathroom can be used as they work. Either way, this creates a positive, studious environment. 9/10


The privacy is pretty good, but right next to the public bathroom there is a bathroom that is only available to staff. At risk of incriminating myself, I will admit that I tried to enter the staff bathroom but was thwarted by a locked door. I can only imagine the amenities they have in there, and it is unfortunate that students have no way to access a bathroom with that level of security.

There are really two major privacy concerns. The first is that you may end up using the bathroom while someone is studying at the bathroom desk. And the second is that you risk running into prospective students or their parents as they wait around in Dowling to find a Jumbo to interrogate about academic playfulness. 7/10


Historically, Dowling was not convenient, but with the altered student commute patterns that have arisen since the opening of the Cummings Center, it has suddenly risen in popularity. The Dowling elevator is by far the easiest way to get from the Academic Quad down to the Cummings Center. This shifts Tufts’ lavatorial limelight onto Dowling’s idiosyncratic bathroom.

On the convenience front, this bathroom is notable because it is designed to accommodate people who stand while wiping. The toilet paper is positioned high enough on the wall that reaching it while sitting on the toilet would be simply unfeasible. You simply must admire Dowling’s principled stand, but it may be inconvenient for some. 7/10.


Dowling gets points for having an automated sink and hand dryer. The problem is that the sink is a bit difficult to trigger, and I found myself waving my hands wildly in the middle of a giant bathroom on the top floor of a glorified parking garage. This was damaging to my self-image. Additionally, the hand dryer is extremely weak, which is presumably why the bathroom also has paper towels that essentially cancel out the presence of a hand dryer. 5/10.

This very solid bathroom with renewed logistical importance gets a 7/10.