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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Opinion | Editorial


Editorial: Vote ‘yes’ on Question 2

Voting yes to implement RCV in Massachusetts this election is just one way to ensure that all candidates and voters are fairly represented in elections and, as a result, part of directing our country toward a brighter, more equitable future.


Editorial: Tufts should better enforce residential cohort system

Before the start of next semester, the university must clearly communicate cohort lists to both residents and RAs. Additionally, the Office of Residential Life and Learning should offer more resources and support to RAs in the process of training and adapting to cohorts. This could include hiring alternative university employees who are responsible for enforcing cohort systems and social distancing within dorms.

The Setonian

Editorial: Tufts Dining workers deserve better

Dining hall workers are essential and valued members of our community, and they are entitled to safe and fair working conditions. As Tufts Dining adapts to the conditions of the pandemic, it must also prioritize the health and well-being of its workers. As members of the Tufts community, we must continue to stand in solidarity with dining staff members and urge administrators to meet their concerns and needs.


Editorial: Welcome back, Tufts

Whether you are a returning student, new to Tufts, in-person or remote, welcome back, and welcome home. This semester will be a time of readjustment and uncertainty; we begin school against the backdrop of a pandemic and institutional change. It is evermore important that as a community, we remain united, resilient and critical of the world around us. This fall The Tufts Daily remains committed to this mission, using our platform to cultivate conversations about issues impacting our community and spurring our administration to take action.


Editorial: Four years of action

Four years of university provide many opportunities for widespread change, both in the lives of students and the institution itself. The experiences of the Class of 2020 are no exception; throughout its time on campus, our university experienced drastic changes in favor of improving student life, preserving positive institutional values and the rights of all community members. The progress at Tufts during the Class of 2020’s college years and the class' role in advocating for these changes is worthy of pride and recognition by our entire community.

The Setonian

Editorial: University financial support proves vital in response to COVID-19 economic crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for our world, university and peers. Against the backdrop of an emerging economicrecession and widespreadunemployment, many Tufts students and families will experiencefinancial hardship. Students that did not qualify for financial aid prior to the crisis could have need in the near future, and those currently receiving aid may face holes in financial support while not on campus. Further, access to academic resources is extremely limited while confined to our homes, with cost-saving alternatives, such as selling back books to the Tufts Community Union Textbook Exchange, not available at the moment. Even after students can safely return to campus, the effects of the crisis will linger; some students may no longer be able to afford tuition, living, academic or travel costs.