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Where you read it first | Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Seven Questions with Casey D'Annolfo

Full name: Casey Cordier D'Annolfo

Nickname(s): C-Dollars, CD, The Hydrant

Birthdate: 8-26-83

Zodiac sign: That's right ladies, Virgo

Hometown: West Hartford, CT. - the Heartbeat

Favorite athlete: Matt D'Annolfo - SMU Mustangs WR, and Franca and Angela (campus center sandwich artists.)

Favorite Tufts athlete: On Court - Erin Connelly, Off Court - Quinn Kelley (Do I really have to explain?)

Special: Favorite three-sport athlete of all time: Matt Malatesta '04 (Football, Lacrosse, Juggling Women)

There's Casey lined up behind center, surveying the defense. Hey, there he is scooping up a ground ball with hordes of defenders around him. Oh, look over there, he's...scanning the crowd for some eye candy?

Hey, such is the life of junior football/lacrosse player and basketball "participant" Casey D'Annolfo. I caught up with Casey at the local Y where he was signing up for Little League. Naturally, Seven Questions ensued.

1) Outside of sports, when does being 6'4" come in handy?

Well, at Tufts it comes in handy every time I'm trying to pick up that 5'10" blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty at the gym. So to answer your question, it hasn't come in handy at Tufts yet.

2) How have you been able to pull off the lax hair in basketball season?

Fortunately for the hair, I have spent most of the basketball season on the end of the bench, for which there is no distraction with length. However, if say seven or eight or nine guys were to get hurt before the Bates game on Saturday, Big Reg and I would be hittin' the stylist Friday night.

3) You and I both know you had four points on the season. Will the football team's win total surpass your point total?

Timmy, we both know that on the court, it's quality, not quantity. So when I dropped those four crucial points in a 33 point win over that 2-21 team, I really had to pat myself on the back. But in regards to the football team, we'll be fine next year, as long as Rachel Bloom comes out and plays for us.

4) So I don't know if you've heard but there is no NHL right now. Seeing as you're from Hartford, haven't you felt locked out ever since the Whale left?

The Whale meant more to me than the DU basement freshman year. However, nothing has been more painful to see than Devin Clarke, Mike O'Brien and Brett Holm of the lacrosse team being "Locked Out" of the social scene by their girlfriends. It's true ladies, regardless of what they've told you.

5) As a one time (and only one time) fall and spring athlete, I know that the little sliver of time between both sports can be good rest. Your public wants to know: Why did you fill that space this year?

Well, as healthy and restful as it is going out three or four nights a week for two months, basketball has been keeping me pretty healthy. Besides, I saw a pretty good trade off: I let Dave Shepherd give me some tips about basketball, and I would give him some tips on how to talk to women, such as telling him he can do better than 'It's late and we're both desperate, whaddya say?'

6) We all know you've got game(s). But how has your GAME been since takin' up hoops?

All I know is that when three girls sports teams tell their freshmen that they're not allowed to hook up with me, you know that you've made it on the Tufts Social Scene. Also, when your boys jokingly introduce you as 'three sport athlete' D'Annolfo, the girls actually eat it up like Ice Cream Sunday Night at C-Mike.

7) In "The Casey D'Annolfo" story, who plays you?

Actually, Jamie Fox already contacted me about playing Casey D. I told him I was down if I could have a Willie Beamon type video.

-by Tim Whelan