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Where you read it first | Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Love It or Haute It: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens boots are some of the most iconic and recognizable types of footwear out there, but they even had an interesting history before they were being worn by everyone from rockstars to hipsters. Dr. Martenswere originally advertised as "Airwair" because they featured air-cushioned soles, and they were primarily two-euro work shoes that were sold to the British working class. The shoes were soon picked up by other buyers: the youths of London, specifically those in the skinhead subculture. Next, Pete Townshend of The Who wore a pair and, soon enough, the Dr. Martens brand was on its way to being the icon it is today. While we all may be able to agree that the history of Dr. Martens is interesting and that they are very recognizable, today we discuss whether the hype that has surrounded these shoes for decades is worth it.

Coco: In general, I think that if something has been able to last through decades of fashion trend changes and shifts, it is worthy of whatever hype it has, and Dr. Martens are no exception to that. These boots match with everything. I have seen them work with jeans and a sweater, sundresses, and once even a wedding dress. They simply seem to be able to do it all and that alone should be enough for them to be considered worthy. But if you need more, just think about how powerful you feel when wearing Dr. Martens. They transport you back to London in the ‘60s, and you are just a rebellious teenager roaming the streets, waiting to go to the next concert where you will stomp your boots to the beats with your other equally youthful and rebellious friends. So in conclusion, Dr. Martens match everything and can turn you into a London youth in the ‘60s. Therefore, they are in fact worth the hype they have been receiving for decades. 

Beans: While I respect Coco’s take this week, I think these days Dr. Martens have strayed too far from their edgy origins. Although I want nothing more than to be transported back to London in the ‘60s as a working class male, Dr. Martens can no longer accomplish this. They are way too mainstream now. If you were to take a walk around Tufts, you would notice that everyone and their mother were wearing a pair of these once iconic classics. Scroll through your Instagram feed and every TikTok famous VSCO girl is posing in a pair in front of an all-pink brick wall in LA. Simply throwing on a pair of overpriced boots doesn’t make it look like you listen to punk music anymore. I encourage those interested in buying a pair to invest first in a tasteful leather vest, some extreme hold hair gel, and maybe even get a lip piercing (or three). Then, and only then, is it appropriate to finish off this true punk rock look with a pair of Dr. Martens.

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