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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Love It or Haute It: Loafers

With the temperatures rising and Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow this year, we decided to review a warmer weather footwear trend that we expect to see more frequently this coming spring: loafers. Loafers are obviously a classic — one might even say the most classic — shoe. However, the way in which they are worn has expanded greatly these past few years. It is no longer just for history professors, lawyers and business professionals, it is for everyone. So, why not college-aged students? 

Coco: Loafers seem to be part of a larger shift of more traditionally masculine and often business-inspired fashion into women’s daily casual outfits. Popularized by celebrities after the trend was featured on many runways, the more masculine silhouettes and accessories have leaked more and more to the mainstream. And I have to say, I am here for this trend — specifically the loafers. When I wear them, I feel like I belong in a cozy café in some artsy city, like Paris, latte in one hand and thick, vintage book in the other. Unfortunately, instead of Paris though, I am sitting in the campus center drinking Rez coffee. I mean yeah, it’s not the same and definitely not as good but at least the loafers give me a small escape from this monotonous reality we call life! Anyway, loafers are truly the move. Besides the way they make you feel, they can take the basic sweater-and-jeans look to a new level. Add the loafers and suddenly you look like you just emerged from a stack of books (like maybe Joe Goldberg but not?) They are also very versatile: from class, to going out to dinner, to events that require business casual, loafers are a great option. So in conclusion, purchase some loafers and wear them to the Career Fair this Friday.

Beans: If masculine silhouettes have only just recently been leaking into the mainstream, call me Anna Wintour. “Masculine silhouettes,” in other words, my brothers’ hand-me-down boxers and oversized wrestling sweatshirts, have been a staple of my wardrobe since the first grade. I showed up to my first day of school in a pair of basketball shorts and a sweater vest. The jury is still out on why my mom was surprised when I came out to her, but I digress. Despite my history with this type of fashion, I have never seen an outfit made better by a loafer. Truthfully, the only person I know of who wears loafers is my grandma’s boyfriend, Herb. Herb likes to sail. Herb also likes to golf. Herb’s loafers offer the very specific look of “I used to be an orthodontist but now I like boats and the Florida Keys.” The way I see it, unless you’re comfortably retired, living out your days with a beautiful woman named Sharon, it’s best you leave the loafers at home. Maybe instead wear a tasteful pair of dress shoes to the Career Fair.