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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Love It Or Haute It: White sneakers


Introduction: In case you live under a rock, white sneakers are everywhere. We usually try to stay ahead of the trends so we can give our advice to our loyal readers on whether they should try out a look. But the prevalence of white sneakers on this campus has necessitated a response from us. So, today we are not giving our opinions on whether this look is Ha(u)t(e) or not, but instead on the overall trend and how it has become so common. 

Coco: White sneakers seem to have reached a level of popularity I have not seen in a shoe style since Uggs in middle school, in large part because of their versatility. While largely ordinary in their appearance, their simple white appearance is their entire beauty. Their plainness makes it so that they can work with any other item of clothing. They solve the eternal problem of having a fly outfit but lacking a pair of shoes that works with it. So just because many have also noticed their versatility does not mean that you have to think twice about wearing your own pair! Unlike other trends that might have been hurt by how popular they became, like beanies and kanken backpacks, the white sneakers solve a problem and just highlight the outfit you are already wearing. When I wear my white sneakers, they are just the things I wear on my feet because society has decided to make shoes necessary. They are by no stretch the highlight of my outfit or what makes it unique, but merely a means to an end. Because of this, I don't really care if they are considered basic since they are just fillers. So, go jump on that bandwagon and treat yourself by buying those white Air Force 1’s (or whatever brand floats your boat). 

Beans: The white sneaker trend is truly a gift from above. Sent from the heavens (or Zappos) and arriving outside my Latin Way suite in 1–2 business days, the white sneaker is a godsend. Much to Coco’s dismay, I have fully embraced this trend and made it not only a staple of my wardrobe, but the crux of it. It fully reinforces my fashion laziness and allows me to wear the same pair of shoes every day until the soles wear out. Unfortunately, this habit has caused me to unwillingly hop on the gray shoe train, as I am notoriously bad at keeping my sneakers looking fresh. If any of our loyal readers have recommendations for how to wash my sneakers, please email me at I need help. I am so close to getting a new pair just to avoid washing my current pair. The thing that I didn’t understand when I bought these shoes is that white is a commitment. Our sneakers aren’t just a trend — they deserve love, care and attention. I have proven myself unworthy of mine. My recommendation is to continue to hop on this trend, but only if you are willing to put in the time and effort.