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Where you read it first | Saturday, April 20, 2024

Former news editors turned global correspondents

Daily news editor Shannon Murphy talks to two former news executives studying abroad.

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Aaron Gruen, left, and Daniel Vos, right, are pictured.

Editor’s note: The Daily’s editorial department acknowledges that this article is premised on a conflict of interest. This article is a special feature for Daily Week that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices.

After serving as devoted leaders of the Daily’s News section, two former executive editors are spending their spring semesters in Europe. Junior Aaron Gruen, spring 2023 executive news editor and fall 2023 editor in chief, is currently studying at University College London, while junior Daniel Vos, fall 2023 executive news editor, is at the University of Amsterdam.

For Gruen, this is a semester for rejuvenation and prioritizing wellness. He is excited to have more free time to spend on his hobbies.

“Being abroad has been very refreshing, especially after a busy semester with the Daily,” Gruen said. “Last semester I was working basically seven days a week. And now I have a lot more free time. [I have] time to work on my homework, time to travel and time to just do nothing. So it’s a welcome change in pace.”

Travel has also been an exhilarating part of life abroad. Gruen has been “allowing himself to be a tourist” and trying to see as many of London’s attractions as possible. 

Vos has spent a lot of time sightseeing in different European countries while abroad.

“I’m in a really good spot,” Vos said. “Amsterdam is kind of a hub for travel, I feel. Last weekend I was in Berlin and then this coming weekend I’m going to Paris, and I have a couple of other trips planned. So it’s been really easy to get around Europe.”

When asked what they miss about Tufts, the former execs were quick to answer that they missed their fellow Jumbos the most.

“I definitely miss the people,” Vos said. “I miss a bunch of my friends at Tufts … just the routine of going to class and walking down Memorial Steps every day is something that I’ve realized that I’m just not doing because every day is different here.”

However, Gruen and Vos are continuing to thrive abroad knowing that they will return to the Hill in the fall.

“It’s amazing being here for just a semester,” Gruen said. “Because I feel like I can really settle down, but I also know that I have a set date of return. … It feels like I still have a life at home that I can return to.”

Gruen also reflected on how his relationship with the Daily has changed while he is in Europe. As editor in chief, Gruen oversaw much of the inner workings of the newspaper, but now as a student in London, he interacts with it only from a distance.

“Now, I really use the Daily as a tool to keep up with what’s going on at Tufts’ campus,” Gruen said. “When I was an editor, I often knew of the events that were happening. Now as a reader from thousands of miles away, I get this really fresh perspective. … It’s a testament to the value of student journalism, [that it can] keep people who are far away in touch with the Tufts community.”

Gruen and Vos have both been involved with the Daily since their first year at Tufts and described their Daily journey as one with both challenging and rewarding experiences. The former execs advised other writers to work hard in their roles to produce high-quality journalism, but also to prioritize their own well-being.

“Take little breaks, reward yourself for good work [and] insist on taking care of yourself,” Gruen said. “Nothing in the world right now as a college student is essential. You can absolutely take time for yourself without being selfish.”

Vos echoed the importance of recognizing the value of writers’ own work in the Daily.

“Being part of the Daily is one of the most meaningful experiences that I’ve had in college,” Vos said. “And my advice for other writers in the Daily is to write what you enjoy, ask tough questions [and] find stories that may not always seem obvious but are necessary to share and have fun.”