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Where you read it first | Friday, June 21, 2024

DreamWorks: Jumbo Dreams

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Graphic by Rachel Wong

Hello dreamers! This has been an incredible semester of dream searching. From lawyers, journalists and abortion providers to producers and playwrightsI have learned so much and I hope you have too. For this final edition I collected dreams from Tufts students. Some of them have known what they have wanted to do since they were little and others, like so many of us, are in the midst of the search.

Sophomore Tess Olmi, a Child Study and Human Development major and Education minor, has practically always known that she wanted to be a teacher. This semester she is working at Arlington Kidcare.

“I want to be an elementary school teacher. Honestly it’s something that I’ve wanted since I was very young — I love working with children because they have such a positive outlook on life,” Olmi wrote in a text message to the Daily. “I don’t think there’s been a day at my job that I haven’t burst out laughing because of something a kid said. I also just think elementary school is so much about teaching kids social skills and how to be kind to each other and I want to play a role in helping kids understand how to do that!”

Zoe Fisher, a junior double-majoring in Film and Media Studies and Psychology, similarly sees shaping the minds of children as one of her career aims but through a vastly different career path. Her dream is to be a producer in the children’s media field.

“I’ve always wanted to work with kids, but I’ve never really been drawn to teaching. I’ve also always been very interested in film and media, so when I took Julie Dobrow’s class in Creating Children’s Media, I knew it was what I had to do,” she wrote to the Daily. “Children’s media combines my two passions: media and helping kids! As media is now the main way children learn about the world around them, I see my future job as a powerful way to encourage the next generation of children to be more kind and inclusive.”

Maddie Fabry, a sophomore studying Community Health, would also like a career full of children in yet another professional capacity, as a pediatrician.

“i want to become a doctor so that I can serve those who otherwise might not have access to high quality healthcare. I'm excited to be in a profession where I can work with patients face to face and learn from those who have different backgrounds than my own,” she wrote to the Daily.  

Belle Wheat, a sophomore studying Community Health and Economics, described her career in terms of its structure and work-life balance.

“I think I want a career that gives me flexibility like I don’t want to be working tons of overtime so that I’m able to focus on things in life that are really important to me like family. I think most of all I want something creative but I’m still trying to figure this out. Like the dream would be some kind of creator/writer, but I think even making creative solutions would be interesting and fulfill that wish for me,” she wrote in a text message to the Daily.

Sophomore Ananya Randeria, a Civic Studies and International Relations major, and sophomore Luke Steiner, Civic Studies and Film and Media Studies major, have been taking classes together since the first semester of their freshman year. From French classes and Islam in Europe to Comparative Politics, Law and Religion in International Relations and Intro to Constitutional Law, they have followed their passions side by side.

“I am definitely inspired by classes I’ve taken at Tufts,” Steiner said. “I took a law class last semester, which I think really reshaped the way I think about law.”

Randeria just finished an internship with Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and has been interested in immigration since high school.

“After going to Germany to study the refugee crisis in the EU, i knew that I wanted to go into immigration law in order to give those who are often silenced a voice and advocate for their needs,” she wrote to the Daily.

Steiner is still deciding what type of law he is interested in, but knows what he wants to avoid: corporate and finance.

“I think the interest in law started with an interest in politics. I always liked being informed and keeping up with what’s going on as far as policy and what the government is up to,” Steiner said. “It sounds cliché, but I think law really has an impact on everything we do. … I feel like you have to choose what you want to be informed [about], and it’s law for me.”

As far as your Dreamworks’ author’s dreams — I wish I could neatly articulate my dream career for you, but I am still not sure what that will be. I have learned through writing this column that there are so many possibilities and they all could be incredible journeys. I am sure there are other readers, who, like me, are still exploring multiple dream career paths. And knowing that there are so many paths to choose can be daunting, but also incredibly exciting. It has been a pleasure to explore these dream careers with you, and for one last time…

Wishing you luck in all your dream-catching endeavors…

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