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Where you read it first | Saturday, March 2, 2024

Halia Frishman

Halia Frishman is a sophmore studying international literary and visual studies. Halia can be reached at


‘I took the one less traveled by’: An abortion provider’s journey

The beige brick building is nondescript. Every window has its blinds pulled tightly closed, leaving the impression that the interior is barren. There is no indication that the building is a reproductive healthcare facility. Upon my arrival at the clinic last spring to interview Dr. Laurent Delli-Bovi, the founder and medical director of Women’s Health Services — which is an ambulatory surgical center specializing in providing abortion care — I was, for a moment, nervous that my Uber driver had dropped me off at the wrong place. 

Dream Works Graphic.png

Dream Works: The immigration lawyer

The tie-wearing, court-going, corporate lawyer career path pictured in TV shows like Suits is one that feels familiar, so I wanted to learn more about the journey to becoming a social justice lawyer, or what Monika Batra Kashyap referred to as a rebellious lawyer. So, in continuing with our venture to find a “dream” career, this week I met with Monika Batra Kashyap, immigration lawyer and visiting clinical professor at Seattle University School of Law, to learn more about her career path. 

Dream Works Graphic.png

Dream Works: The producer

The unconscious mental voyages to weird places and with stranger people, the daytime rambles that are only slightly more rational — I’ve always been good at dreaming. To my chagrin, but not my surprise, I was recently informed that my biggest red flag is that my head is often off somewhere in the clouds. Yet, despite all this dreaming, in college I find myself a tad bit lost: How do people discover their dream jobs? In this column, I endeavor to not only stumble upon my future career but maybe yours too…

Somerville Flea Market

The Somerville Flea showcases local vendors and businesses

As October comes to a close, Davis Square will have to say goodbye to the Somerville Flea for another season. Located on the corner of Holland Street and Buena Vista Road, the Somerville Flea has been open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. since August. The vibrant market features live music and welcomes customers and vendors of all ages.


Notes from the New York Underground

I enter from the West 86th Street station on Saturday, Feb. 18. I scan through the turnstile using Apple Pay, thinking about how taking the subway felt much more romantic when the only option was a MetroCard, and I make a mental note to buy one for the way back. On the platform, a girl pulls her boyfriend away from the tracks as the train pulls into the station. I push myself into the car. The downtown bound 1-train is packed.

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