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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Friday, June 14, 2024

Aisha Catena


Op-ed: It's time democratic governments fight for all political prisoners

Last week, Russian authorities unlawfully sentenced dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza to 25 years in prison. Kara-Murza has been incredibly brave in the name of freedom, and his arbitrary detainment should be widely condemned. The news of his arrest made it to the front page of the Financial Times and several other well-respected news sources. Considering this media spotlight on Kara-Murza, I think it’s time we bring attention to the millions of other political prisoners around the world. 


Seeing double: Twins reflect on shared experience at Tufts and their journeys here

Twinhood can be a complicated relationship — it can be like having an ingrained best friend, or it can encourage constant competition. Many children who are not twins might romanticize the idea. "The Parent Trap" (1998) made the relationship seem appealing with its depiction of mischievous pranks and adventures. However, according to three sets of twins at Tufts, having a person with whom you share almost everything, including your college, is a more nuanced experience.


‘Distance junkies’: Tufts Running Club attends virtual track meet

The Tufts Running Club participated in a virtual track meet against Harvard University last month. At the virtual meet there were no computer-generated people running on virtual tracks nor did participants run with one arm up in the air filming themselves in selfie mode. nstead, the meet was held late last month and participants could individually compete in specific events at any point over a number of days and record their own times.


Student entrepreneurs launch 'it's mac' streetwear brand

The roommates started their brand out of their dorm room, currently littered with sweatshirts, prints and ironing materials. “If you walk into our room right now, you'll have a little difficulty getting around because there's boxes all over the floor, just packages full of sweatshirts,” Laws-MacDonald said. 


Roy’s Pastelitos

Sophomore Roy Hidalgo was first inspired to start his pastelito business due to a combination of factors: He has a limited meal plan, lives in a suite with a kitchen and needed some extra money.

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