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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Monday, April 15, 2024

Ella Sanders


Tufts 4+1 degrees, Part 2: Master’s Degrees in Education

Tufts’ Graduate School of Arts and Science hosts many master’s degree programs that are continuations of their respective undergraduate majors and programs of study. For current undergraduates pursuing a career in education, Tufts offers a few notable 4+1 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.


Tufts 4+1 degrees, Part 1: The Fletcher MALD degree program

For many Tufts undergraduates, their fourth year of study concludes their academic journey on the hill. Gearing up for graduation, Jumbos prepare to travel to all corners of the world in pursuit of jobs, further academia, self-discovery or social impact work. However, a small few choose to stay another year to complete their master's in one of many 4+1 bachelor’s/master’s degree offerings at Tufts.

Tufts Cheer pictured during a game.

What does school spirit at Tufts look like?

During this year’s rainy Homecoming, groups of students, parents and alumni took refuge under their umbrellas to cheer on the Tufts football team. Despite the spirited efforts of both Tufts Pep Band and Tufts Cheerleading, there was a lack of student turnout. However, this does not mean that school spirit is absent at Tufts.


A closer look at Tufts students with siblings on campus

Among the 6,000 plus undergraduate student body at Tufts, there are sibling Jumbos who have found their own niches within the university’s many offerings. Going from sharing the same home to living on the same campus, they have navigated life through their sibling bonds. Here’s a look into a few of their relationships.


The Tufts Cannon: A long-standing tradition of student activism

Situated between Goddard Chapel and Ballou Hall is the Tufts Cannon, a reigning symbol of the Tufts community and its deeply rooted traditions. The cannon dates back to 1956 when it was gifted to the university by the city of Medford and the Medford Historical Society. The cannon is a replica of “Old Ironsides,” an original cannon from the USS Constitution. 

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