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Where you read it first | Sunday, February 25, 2024

Emmy Wenstrup


Best TV shows of 2022

There was a lot of great TV in 2022. As the number of networks and streaming services continues to grow, it can be a challenge to decide what to watch, so we’re singling out 14 shows that caught our attention this year. With a mix of new and returning series, comedy and drama, cable and streaming, there’s something on the list for everyone.


Summer TV recap: Quantity over quality

This summer, just like the last, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions allowed for long-anticipated series to both make their debuts and return to the small screen. From mega-budget prequels to quieter critics’ hits, the summer certainly had plenty of options for TV lovers. Whether any of it was good is another question.


2021–22 academic year sees the return of the movies

This academic year was a big one for the movies. Major, long-anticipated blockbusters finally hit the theaters after being delayed by the pandemic. As COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, the film festival season also picked back up and delivered some excellent smaller productions that fostered discussion, praise and accolades. 


Planetarium's 'Beyoncé Experience' did not 'Put a Ring on It'

On the cold, wet night of Feb. 4, the Boston Museum of Science hosted “The Beyoncé Experience” in the Charles Hayden Planetarium. According to the museum’s website, the show “redefines nightlife in Boston” and “engages audiences in a sensory journey full of innovation, artistry, and imagination.” 


Oscars predictions 2022: Who will the Academy nominate?

It’s the end of Oscars season, meaning it’s time to predict which pretentious movies from 2021 that few people watched will win the coveted awards. The official nominations are scheduled to be announced on Feb. 8, but here’s a list of what to look for in the big five categories: picture, director, screenplay, actor and actress.


BEATs members find community through shared love for drumming

Tufts has no shortage of quirky acronyms for quirky student groups, between TUSC (Tufts University Social Collective), SUCC (Stand-up Comedy Collective), TDC (Tufts Dance Collective), TMC (Tufts Mountain Club) and many more. What better name, then, for Tufts’ only street percussion group than BEATs (Bangin’ Everything At Tufts). 


Weekender: 'Titane' is a cinematic tour-de-force

After hearing some ominous thuds, our protagonist exits the locker room, her naked body still dewy from the shower. A car, the same flame-adorned Cadillac she was dancing on just a few hours ago (she’s an exotic dancer), waits for her outside. She responds to its seductive call by entering the vehicle, and a few tense moments later, the car bounces in sexual glee. We finally get a glimpse inside the car to see our hero tied up in the bondage-esque seatbelts as she, simply put, has sex with the car. 


What to watch this spooky season

With spooky season fast approaching, many viewers may soon be tempted by the ever-popular horror genre. Filmmakers often use horror as a critical lens to examine what society itself may be afraid of, as Jordan Peele does with “Get Out” (2017) and Bong Joon-ho with “Parasite” (2019). In other cases, filmmakers take traditionally “scary” motifs and turn them into comedy, as Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement do with the series “What We Do In The Shadows” (2019–). As the month of October draws near, it’s time to look at appropriately themed content.

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