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Where you read it first | Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jenny Lu

The Setonian

Tuff Talks: New and old relationships

Dear J: I recently got into a new relationship with a boy at Tufts. I really like him and it's going well but we only have a couple more weeks together until we go back home for the summer (we live far away from each other). I think the long distance is going to be too hard on us since our relationship is still young. How should we handle it?


In the Paint: Defending the NBA play-in tournament

I'm not sure where I stand on the play-in tournament's use during this unconventional season, but I think the format is a step in the right direction. The NBA has long been criticized for how predictable it is. There are superstar players and overloaded teams, making the playoffs rather cut and dry. Critics compare the professional league to college basketball and March Madness, citing college-level play as more exciting due to there being more upsets.

The Setonian

Tuff Talks: Prospective students

Dear J: Tufts is one of the schools to which I was accepted. I enjoyed the campus tour but I'm unsure about what decision to make. I hear a lot of rumors about every school. And as for Tufts, I've heard especially about the quirky culture and whatnot. Is it true? Will I fit in?


In the Paint: The NBA is not exciting right now

Aside from injuries and load management, COVID-19 has also played a part in a less exciting season. More than 30 games were postponed this season and countless players have missed games due to contracting COVID-19 or contact tracing. Although these issues are understandable, the league could have taken more preventative measures, such as canceling the All-Star Game. 

The Setonian

Tuff Talks: Exercising and bulking

Finding time to work out with school work, clubs and whatever else you have going on is a struggle for so many students. I think the start is the hardest, but getting past that is super important because exercising will make you feel so much more productive and less lazy. It can definitely help motivate you to be better in other parts of your life. 


Dylan Thoerner reflects on first season with Tufts basketball, talks training from home

Despite early struggles, Thoerner made the most out of his first season. He averaged 7.5 points per game and shot 35.4% from deep and 79.7% from the line, but his stats don’t tell the full story. Thoerner showed up in a big way during important games, including knocking down two clutch last-second free throws to send Tufts into overtime against Colby College in the 2020 NESCAC championship. Tufts went on to win the title 102–94.

The Setonian

Tuff Talks: Food

Dear J: I know the dining hall workers work very hard but I just can’t bring myself to enjoy the food at Tufts. What can I do? Tufts has to cater to thousands of students, so sometimes that just means that the food has to be simple and inoffensive. I don’t know what year you’re in, but as I’ll be a sophomore next year, I am looking forward to cooking more if I’m able to score an apartment-style dorm with a kitchen.


In the Paint: Paige Bueckers is the future

Paige Bueckers, a first-year on the University of Connecticut women's basketball team, has been an internet sensation since her days in high school and it’s easy to see why. On the court, Bueckers is an electric player whose playmaking abilities are really what makes her stand out. Although there is no shortage of talent and excitement in the WNBA, the internet fame that follows the new generation of athletes like Bueckers could bring more viewers to women’s basketball. 

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