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Where you read it first | Friday, June 21, 2024

Top 10 Senior Gala locales that are not Houston, Tex.

For those underclassmen who have not heard, there was quite the mix-up that happened a few days ago involving Tufts seniors and social media. Particularly, a bunch of Tufts seniors were mysteriously invited to the Facebook event for the Rice University Senior Gala.Now, in case you don’t know, Rice University is in Houston, Tex. Tufts University is not in Houston, Tex. It was quite a shock for those seniors who found out that they had just RSVP’d to an event for the wrong university. I can’t confirm who started this, or how, so don’t ask me about it.

I’m sure Houston is a very nice place (I don’t know, I’ve never been). However, there are much better places where we can spend our senior gala (including the place where we are actually going) that are easily accessible by car, T or Uber. Here are the top 10 places we should have our senior gala instead.

1.The Westin Copley Place

I mean … we are going there. It’s not really a question anymore. What? You still want some more ideas, in case of emergency? Okay, here are nine more:

2. Houston Hall

Take that, Rice University! We have our own Houston, and we don’t have to fly all the way to Texas to get to it! Sure, it’s a bit smaller … but the population is probably more fun.

3. Boston Commons

Let’s mix it up and take Senior Gala outside! It’ll probably be warm enough by then, right? Well, at least the snow will be gone (knock on wood). Plus, there are cool things like that gazebo and the frog pond to explore.

4. Fenway

There is literally no better way to celebrate Boston than by visiting Fenway Park. If you’re a hardcore Yankees fan, this would be your one opportunity to visit the architectural landmark without having to bother with all that dumb Red Sox stuff (kidding, guys -- please don’t kill me).

5. The MFA

We get free admission anyway, so why don’t we just take advantage of that and party with art? Just be careful with that red wine by the paintings, so stay away from the walls … on second thought this is probably a bad idea.

6. The aquarium

Okay, so now that we’ve ruled out partying with art, let’s instead party with FISH! Seriously. The aquarium would be an AWESOME place to have a Senior Gala. It would be the perfect ambience for an event worthy of James Bond-level class. The fish would also provide fun entertainment if you get bored.

7. On a boat

Maybe a senior booze cruise in the harbor shouldn’t be our Senior Gala -- it should be in addition to it! Another way for us to class it up before we do the exact opposite when we graduate -- and no art for us to ruin in the process.

8. Whisky Saigon, AGAIN!!

We love Whisky Saigon. We’ve been there twice now for senior pub night, so why not just go back? I’m sure they love us too … right guys?

9. The (closed-down) Estate

The last senior pub night was at a club called the Estate, which (rumor has it) shut down the day after. Let’s just go back to the same place and take it over. What, it’s not like anyone will be there to stop us right?

10. Gantcher -- recreate your first drunk college kiss at Fall Ball

Recreate your first drunk college kiss that you experienced at Fall Ball your first year! What a way to say “f--k you, world! I’m never growing up!”

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