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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Sunday, March 3, 2024

Love It or Haute It: UGGs

Surprising as it may be, UGGs have been popping up already around campus. While the Boston weather is unpredictable, one aspect of chilly weather we can all trust in is that people will be wearing UGGs. No one can separate the UGG brand from its iconic suede and sheepskin boots. Even as styles have changed, people from all walks of life have kept this look alive for years. From college girls going to class to dads when they get back from work, people love their UGGs. Today, Coco and Beans debate whether the classic UGG boot is still a good look or not. 

Coco: I remember Christmas morning 2012 I was opening up one of my gifts to find the most beautiful turquoise UGG boots. Coming back from winter break, I was the envy of all with my new shoes. But, just as much as I would like to leave my Juicy Couture sweatsuit in the halls of my middle school, I would like to leave those boots and all memories of them there too. While I think we can all agree that UGG boots were an amazing concept, I think it is time that we move on from them. They promised comfort but, unfortunately, sacrificed style. Now there are so many alternatives that promise comfort while also not looking like pillows on your feet.

Beans: While I concede that the UGG is far past its prime, that does not mean they are no longer fashionable. UGGs are the high fashion boot of the winter. They may be overpriced, but at least they have the purpose of being warm and comfortable. When your feet are cold, there are few feelings better than putting on a soft pair of UGGs. They are the perfect shoe for going to class in the winter after rolling out of bed. They work with pretty much every type of pants; sweatpants, leggings and jeans all work with the timeless UGG look. Personally, my favorite way to wear the UGG boot is to roll it down to expose the inner lining of fur. Paradoxical in form, yet intriguing in presence. Sure, you are cutting down on 50% of your warmth, but you’re also upping the style points by at least 200%. It is an innovative twist on the classic look. 

Coco:  UGGs may be the least practical winter boot option on the market. They so easily get ruined if you even go near a puddle, and they provide minimal warmth, at best. There are so many other options that are more practical when winter rolls around. So, if they are not practical or stylish, there are really no redeeming qualities to UGGs that make them worth the $160 price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I will admit that UGGs are comfortable, but they are more suited to act as slippers than actual daily wear shoes. If you want to pay $160 for slippers, you do you.