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Where you read it first | Saturday, May 25, 2024

Caffeinated Commentary: Mr Crêpe


This week, I went to Mr. Crêpe — I know, I know, it’s not technicallya coffee shop. But the coffee is delicious so it deserves a review! The iced latte is light and refreshing, with a good balance of espresso and milk. I would rate it an 8 or 9/10. 

I didn’t get a hot coffee, but I asked a few Tufts students to share their thoughts on Mr. Crêpe’s coffee, and there was high praise to be heard all around. One Tufts student praised Mr. Crêpe as having “the best strongest coffee in the city maybe the world” and when asked what they’d rate it out of 10, replied, “absolutely 10.” Another student said the latte with whole milk and honey was a 10/10 noting, “It was exactly what I needed.”

The chai is mediocre, a solid 5/10, which isn’t bad considering it’s $4.65 for a medium. Mr. Crêpe’s drink prices are lower than Diesel Cafe, which I’d argue is Mr. Crêpe’s biggest competition, being right down the street in Davis Square and serving similar baked goods and drinks.

Just like Diesel, I’ve yet to come into Mr. Crêpe without it being fully packed; this is a popular spot! It’s busy at all times of the day, as far as I can tell. Mr. Crêpe sits at an ideal location in the center of Davis Square, at the corner of Elm Street and Dover Street, next to CVS. You can’t miss it if you’re walking to Davis Square from Tufts’ campus. You’ll see the cutest logo of a crêpe cartoon on the front window!

Given the name, of course I have to talk about the crêpes. In summary, they're fantastic, though I have to say they’re on the expensive side. Since it’s their main attraction, I understand the prices, but they go up to $14.25 (for signature “super” crêpes). The savory crêpes are worth the price, because they can be a meal — though I’ve ordered a savory crêpe for lunch before and was still hungry after, so I think it depends how big your appetite is. 

The sweet crêpes are a little less expensive, though I sometimes find it hard to rationalize spending $10 on a crêpe with strawberries and chocolate. But, hey, if I’m really in the mood for a sweet crêpe, it’s the best place to go! It’s a great dessert and they’re open until 10 p.m., which is a big plus if you’re already in Davis Square for dinner and craving something sweet.

On the negative side, I don’t love the vibes. I will post up at any coffee shop and study for hours, and Mr. Crêpe is no exception (though some people may argue it’s not a coffee shop, I’m still going to count it). However, it wouldn’t be my first choice place to hang out at, especially if the window tables aren’t open (window seats are always the best places to sit at any coffee shop). The tables are all really close together, and I’m going to be picky and say that the chairs and tables just aren’t cute. 

Yes, food and coffee are good, but it’s just not an aesthetic place, and that counts a lot towards my opinion of coffee shops. Overall, I’m going to give Mr. Crêpe an 8/10. I enjoy meeting friends there to have a quick, delicious crêpe and coffee, but I much prefer other coffee shops for studying.

The interior of Mr Crêpe is pictured. (Natalie Bricker / The Tufts Daily)