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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Saturday, June 15, 2024

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Congratulations, Class of 2024

Parting thoughts from the 89th editor in chief.

The spring 2024 Executive Board is pictured.

Dear Class of 2024, friends and family,

Today marks a key moment in your Tufts journey and a well-deserved waypoint of celebration. Your contributions have illuminated campus over the past several years as leaders, artists, scholars, advocates, friends and Jumbos. Many of you received your high school diploma in the glow of a computer screen or standing six feet apart, socially distanced from your peers. For that, we are ever more grateful to see you come together as a class one final time before dispersing into the wider world. Beyond the symbolic events of today, the graduates’ efforts on any ordinary day exemplify the sustained dedication and perseverance that have led them to this point and that will serve them well in the future.

As you hear the Goddard Chapel bells ring a final time as Tufts students, I hope you take a piece of Tufts with you wherever you go next. Near or far, the Daily serves to keep you informed and connected to the university community.

This semester, the Daily’s reporters closely followed campus protests, standoffs with administration and student government resolutions amid an international movement of solidarity with Palestine. We covered developments impacting Tufts’ host communities, from the closure of a state prison to new business activity in Davis Square. We recorded a rare moment of stillness on campus during the solar eclipse one April afternoon.

As our flagship print edition of the year, the Commencement Issue represents a time capsule of the Class of 2024’s Tufts experience. These pages highlight seniors’ achievements of every kind and bonds forged over four years. At the same time, we look toward Tufts’ future via the annual interview with the president and profiles of incoming student and faculty leaders.

This 52-page issue rests in your hands thanks to the combined effort of the Daily’s staff. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has written, snapped photos, edited, designed or crafted anything for “the newspaper club,” which grows stronger with each individual contribution.

To the 89th Executive Board, thanks for being dedicated leaders of your respective sections and, personally, thank you for your friendship and feedback. Shoutout to the spectacular crew of: Adi, Bex, Carl, Carmen, Caroline, Charlene, Chloe N.S., Claire, Devna, Estelle, Josue, Kathryn, Matthew, Max A., Max S., Megan, Meghna, Michelle, Mike, Natalie, Nate, Nina, Rachel W., Sam, Sarah, Siya, Spencer, Toby, Tom, Ty and Veronika. I am excited to see where you go next!

To the 89th Managing Board — Arielle, Izzy, Julieta, Marlee, Merry and Olivia — I am proud to call you my friends and co-leaders. Time and again, I have leaned on your insight and your distinct perspectives. You’ve given so much to this organization and you do it with unwavering care and compassion. This semester has been one to remember and I am lucky to have you by my side. To the incoming Managing Board, I look forward to cheering on your accomplishments in the fall.

Thank you to the Daily’s graduating class — besides the seniors named above, I would like to thank Julia and Chloe C.B.; my co-associate editors Aaron and Maddy; and Copy section legends Chris, Abi and Megan; among others. Best wishes to everyone in the future! A major thanks, as well, goes to the broader Daily alumni community for their continued advice and support.

To our readers, thank you for engaging with our work as an independent student-run newspaper. This semester, nearly 500 of you responded to our audience survey, and we are eager to implement your ideas and feedback as we enter our 45th year of existence. If you have additional feedback, story ideas or contributions, don’t hesitate to reach out at Finally, congratulations to our newest Tufts alumni — please stay in touch!

Pax et Lux,

Rachel Liu

Editor in Chief, Spring 2024