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Where you read it first | Sunday, June 16, 2024



The Asian American Center explores its legacy through ‘Our Histories, Our Future’

Tufts University's Asian American Center is one of the oldest Asian American centers to be established on a college campus. Currently, there are only about 40 centers of its kind around the United States.This year marks the center’s 40th anniversary and the “Our Histories, Our Futures” exhibition meditates on the AAC’s legacy and contributions of Asian Americans at Tufts.


Las Letras Encubiertas: 'Nuestra parte de noche'

Over the last century, Argentina has produced some of the most influential writers in the literary universe, placing the Argentinian culture on exhibition to the whole world. From household names like Victoria Ocampo and the great Jorge Luis Borges to rule breakers like Julio Cortázar and Alejandra Pizarnik, Argentinian literature has always been known to push the limits of what we understand as prose, drag around reality and take the readers to the darkest corners of the human soul. And the latest generations are no different, especially with figures like Mariana Enríquez. 


WEEKENDER: Amid threats of political invisibility, ‘Drag Me To Tufts’ puts queer art in the spotlight

On Friday, Tufts played host to some of the biggest names in queer pop culture as the Tufts University Social Collective partnered with the LGBT Center to put on “Drag Me To Tufts: A Trans Day of Visibility Extravaganza.”Hundreds filledCohen Auditorium to witness debut performances from four Tufts-based drag performers representing the newly formed Jumbo Drag Collective, as well as headliners Kerri Colby and Raja Gemini, two wildly successful “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2009–) contestants. 


Plunge Gallery presents ‘Curated Self’

Cj Daly, a sophomore at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the creator of Plunge Gallery, spent last semester planning and executing their new exhibit “Curated Self.” This student art exhibit opened on Saturday at the Brookline Arts Center. 


Queeries: ‘Don’t Say Gay’

On March 28, 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the infamous “Don’t Say Gay'' bill, which prohibits teachers from discussing LGBTQ+ topics and subjects with similar themes that may not be ‘age appropriate’. On July 1, 2022, this law took effect.


'Clyde's' will pull at your heartstrings and leave you craving a sandwich

What does it take to make the perfect sandwich? And how do you rebuild a life that’s been taken away from you? “Clyde’s” (2021), a new play about the formerly incarcerated kitchen staff of a sandwich shop, seeks to answer both of these questions. Now playing at the Huntington Theatre in Boston through April 23, “Clyde’s” explores the challenges of making a fresh start.


ChatGPT: The end of creative writing?

ChatGPT: Is it the future of technology? An existential threat to humanity? A fun tool to generate cheesy pickup lines? Whatever your opinions may be on ChatGPT, it’s undeniable that it has permanently changed technology. But what role will it play in the future of writing? It is already being used by college students across the country to plagiarize papers, often with impressive results. Artificial intelligence has even produced e-books. The prospect of artificial intelligence replacing writing is certainly terrifying, but is this a realistic fear? To find out, we put ChatGPT’s writing to the test. 


Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: We all need some spring

In Boston, we often find ourselves trapped in a neverending swirl of flurries and frozen raindrops dusting our eyelids the minute we step out of the door for our first class. It makes the concept of sitting down in a creaky chair to load yourself up with caffeine and scribble down borderline illegible notes all the more exhausting and undesirable. Trudging through the snowed-out Reservoir Quad in boots far too permeable to withstand the seeping water, I questioned just what level of seasonal discontent I was willing to put up with to continue my status as a student and a functioning human being.


South Asian authenticity, acknowledgement, achievement at the 95th Academy Awards 

The 95th Academy Awards were a spectacle of Asian excellence, setting the bar higher for both authentic representation and the expectations of Asian parents. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022)swept the awards (giving us some heartfelt speeches and Michelle Yeoh’s historic win), “The Elephant Whisperers” (2022)and “RRR” (2022)bagged awards and Deepika Padukone presented; the film industry has come far from the days of Mr. Yunioshi and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984). However, this does not mean that the Oscars’ mistakes could hide behind the glamor of the golden statue.  


K-Weekly: Recent bops for your playlist

As spring finally comes around, and we enter the final month of classes at Tufts, K-Weekly is once again wrapping up a semester of publishing. With such a long wait between this article and the next, I figured the best topic to write would be a sort of recap of some newer K-pop tracks and comebacks. 


Snarky Puppy’s Michael League reflects on musical ingenuity, band culture ahead of Roadrunner performance

The five-time Grammy award-winning band Snarky Puppy will perform at Roadrunner in Boston to promote their newest album, “Empire Central” (2022), on April 8. Bandleader and bassist Michael League formed the band in 2004 after failing to place into any of the ensembles at the University of North Texas. Rather than give up, League created Snarky Puppy as a way to play music. Since then, Snarky Puppy has been acclaimed by critics with five Grammy wins and loved by a passionate worldwide audience.


Queeries: Spring break-ing in queer haven

Laguna Beach, Calif., now a famous tourist destination due to the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” (2004), was not always known for its beautiful beaches and unique coves, but used to be a gay Southern California hotspot. Now known for its quirky art galleries and walkable beaches, there still exists a visible acknowledgement to the queer history and progress that this city has helped create and grow.