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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Erin Zhu


Community health majors must pay eight times original price for required summer internship

Community health majors learned earlier this month of Tufts’ decision to raise the summer cost of a required internship course, CH140, from $500 total to $1,035 per credit. This change, meaning an increase of over $3,640 for the 4-credit class, has surprised students who will experience increased financial burden when they work a required internship over the summer.


The Boston Symphony Orchestra reaches out to college students with the College Card

In an age of pop music and streaming, the traditional narrative has been that classical music is now a relic of the past, appreciated by few and adored by a graying audience. However, the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s “College Card” has spun this narrative on its head and has succeeded in drawing in students to Boston’s legendary Symphony Hall to watch the world-class performances that grace its stage.


WEEKENDER: BAAFF celebrates legacy and joy on 15th anniversary

The Boston Asian American Film Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, screening its program from Oct. 12–22, which showcased shorts, documentaries and narratives, closing with a preview of director Lulu Wang’s upcoming series, “Expats” (2023–), starring Nicole Kidman. The Daily spoke with Susan Chinsen, director of BAAFF, to get a greater understanding of the festival and what it hopes to achieve.


WEEKENDER: Reflections on the return of Mitski

This month, Mitski, the 33 year old singer and songwriter, released her seventh studio album, “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” (2023).  Met with critical acclaim, the intensity and intimacy of her lyricism reminds us of her incredible artistry, the path she has taken to get here and who we think she is.


How Cindy Sherman plays pretend

Despite spending just under 50 years taking photographs of herself, Cindy Sherman can be found in none of them. Utilizing the format of photography portraiture, Sherman creates a theater with her own image, disguising herself with layers of costume and makeup to explore the constructed nature of identity and reality. She plays pretend, and in the process, implicates us for doing the same.


The Asian American Center explores its legacy through ‘Our Histories, Our Future’

Tufts University's Asian American Center is one of the oldest Asian American centers to be established on a college campus. Currently, there are only about 40 centers of its kind around the United States.This year marks the center’s 40th anniversary and the “Our Histories, Our Futures” exhibition meditates on the AAC’s legacy and contributions of Asian Americans at Tufts.


What’s the hype about ‘Wednesday‘?

“Wednesday” (2022-) is a mystery-slash-comedy-slash-coming-of-age series. At least, that is what it is trying to be. The show begins with Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) pouring piranhas into her school swimming pool as an act of vengeance on behalf of her younger brother, Pugsley, who has been victimized by one of the water polo players. For this action, Wednesday is expelled, and she is promptly enrolled into her parents’ alma mater, Nevermore Academy, located in Jericho, Vt. 

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