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Where you read it first | Tuesday, September 26, 2023



Must-see spring 2023 performance arts at Tufts, Part 1

One of the most important things to do at the start of any new semester is to set your schedule, taking into account classes, extracurriculars, study sessions and many other random little things that will come up when least expected. However, in between all the chemistry labs and philosophy papers, every student should set aside some time for rest and relaxation. And what better way to wind down than to attend one of Tufts’ many performing arts shows throughout the semester?


Adele’s Vegas residency is sensational

Adele is a pop superstar with immense vocal talent, charisma and the ability to captivate an audience with her profound performances. After almost a year of delays, Adele finally began her Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which she had postponed only 24 hours before the first show. The shows were initially scheduled to occur between January 2022 and April 2022 but were delayed until November 2022 through March 2023, with Adele claiming the show was not ready because it had “no soul in it” and felt disconnected. The artist claimed that postponing the shows was the right decision, and anyone who was lucky enough to attend one of her stellar performances at the Colosseum will likely agree with that statement. 


Seasonal smash: Christmas songs rewrite Spotify and Billboard records

As Billboard has loosened the reins on its rules over recurrent songs on its Hot 100 list over the past decade, there has been a resurgence of Christmas music dominating the charts. In addition, as the magazine started counting streaming services toward chart points in 2012, older music, specifically holiday hits, has seen great success because of such chart modifications.


Best albums of 2022

Just in time for the end of 2022, our editors are revealing their top moments of culture for the year, from the films that rocked their worlds to the television shows that drew them in. For today’s ranking, arts editors Jack, Henry, Odessa and Ellie give their takes for the best albums of 2022. As Ellie notes, her list is “unsolicited and sometimes incorrect opinions from a girl whose No. 2 artist this year was Bo Burnham.”


Best songs of 2022

2022 was the year of music! We all had songs that drew us in, entering our rotation and populating our playlists. For the end of the year, arts editors Henry, Jack, Ryan and Odessa list their top songs of 2022. As Odessa notes, “I literally write a K-pop column, what more were you expecting from me?”


The Boston Pops bring cheer to the holiday season

Symphony Hall was buzzing on Dec. 9 as the Boston Pops took the stage for the eighth time in as many days, in a tradition that now dates back nearly half a century. The Boston Symphony Orchestra offshoot, performing in a string of holiday concerts now through Christmas Eve, showed no signs of fatigue in their first of two concerts on Friday, as they played through the two hour show with gusto and holiday glee.


'High School' is an intimate, moving take on Tegan and Sara's 1990s adolescence

Three years after Canadian indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara released a memoir called “High School” (2019), a limited series by the same name debuted, receiving a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show, which premiered this October, carries us through Tegan and Sara’s high school experiences. Set against the backdrop of an alternative adolescence in Calgary, Alberta, it tackles the ups and downs of their relationship as twin sisters alongside their journey into music and their queer identities, all while they learn how to be themselves. 


The importance of art education in the Greater Boston area: Artisans Asylum

Art education: a topic of contention in the American education system. Why is it that art education fell by the wayside when it came to institutional priorities in school programs nationwide? An emphasis on STEM? An emphasis on 'conventional' careers? The cuts to funding for art programs across the country is why some organizations and companies are pioneering new paths to provide an education to students that encompasses a broader scope of disciplines outside of the conventional academic setting. In relation to Tufts, there are many local groups who are committed to fostering a meaningful art education to anyone of any age interested.


Artistic vandalism in the modern age: Why soup does not mix well with Van Gogh's paints

On March 10, 1914, 32-year-old Mary Richardson visited the National Gallery of Art in London in hopes of finally being able to view Diego Velázquez's “The Rokeby Venus” in person. Depicting a naked woman as she reclines across a luxuriously draped bed alongside a representation of Cupid, the work has a prominent place in the National Gallery’s collection as one of the only portrayals of nudity from 17th century Spanish art. Yet Richardson, a prominent suffragette of her time, did not intend to solely admire the painting at a distance. Enraged by the recent arrest of another suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst, she began to wield a meat cleaver smuggled into the museum and attacked the canvas, leaving several gashes on the painting’s surface. Though the painting was successfully restored, contemporary writings and criticisms of the action featured heavily charged language, accusing Richardson of having committed an act as reprehensible as murder.


The Art of Good Soup: A hard soup to swallow

Good morrow, losers old and new. This is a little fireside chat, if you will. But instead of fire (like the literal kind … like FDR during the Great Depression core), we have fire roasted tomato soup (what they fed people during the Great Depression). We have that on absolutely no good authority … don’t fact check us. 


Best TV shows of 2022

There was a lot of great TV in 2022. As the number of networks and streaming services continues to grow, it can be a challenge to decide what to watch, so we’re singling out 14 shows that caught our attention this year. With a mix of new and returning series, comedy and drama, cable and streaming, there’s something on the list for everyone.


Queeries: I can’t have everything, but at least my mom loves me

During a recent icebreaker, I was asked what my favorite arts moment of 2022 was. Not only did I not have an answer, but I could not even think of a single arts moment that occurred in 2022 that held any notoriety. I skipped my turn and the next person to answer said, “It has to be ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’” 


Spotify Wrapped 2022: Here's what happened this year

On Nov. 30, Spotify released its annual streaming report popular among listeners: Spotify Wrapped. Every year, users anticipate receiving their own personalized playlists detailing their most-listened-to 100 tracks of the year, alongside a comprehensive recap of their listening trends, top genres and favorite artists. Let’s dive into some of the highlights from this year’s Spotify Wrapped.


Looking Through the Met: China

After almost a full semester, we will be concluding this column with the Met Gala that inspired it all, “China: Through the Looking Glass.” In case you were unaware, yes, the title of this column is taken from this 2015 theme, so it is a wonderful full-circle moment to end with this gala. Though the “China” gala was met with controversy, it was a night that gave us some iconic notes. “China” was also one of the most thoroughly-documented Met Galas ever — the documentary “The First Monday in May” chronicled the entire process of putting it together. The documentary is a must-see for fashion enthusiasts and Met Gala lovers everywhere.


The Art of Good Soup: Souper grateful

You know the drill, babes. We’re back. After a brief hiatus, there were concerns that we were getting too close to the truth (the information police were after us (and by information police we mean our families (and by after us we mean we were home for Thanksgiving))).