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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Friday, June 14, 2024

Cole Reese


I Can’t Think Straight: Red, white and royal BS

Here’s the thing: Gay love is not easy. There’s no TV meet-cute where your hands accidentally touch as you reach for the same bag of kale in the grocery store. There’s Grindr, and Tinder, and an endless cycle of feeling bad about yourself because it feels like everyone is hotter than you and you’re never going to find that perfect movie romance. Maybe this is what straight people go through all the time. Honestly, it must suck to have so much idealized romance shoved in your face. That’s exactly what it felt like to watch Amazon’s “Red, White & Royal Blue” (2023) as a gay man.


I Can’t Think Straight: From the top

I’m gay. For anyone who has ever seen me in person, that’s probably not that much of a shocker. But even though I’ve been out since high school, there’s still a part of me that doesn’t feel right saying it. The part of me that hides itself deep down, protected by a flimsy fortress of blue nail polish from the Davis Square CVS and a Tinder account which I’ve deleted several times over.


The Art of Good Soup: A hard soup to swallow

Good morrow, losers old and new. This is a little fireside chat, if you will. But instead of fire (like the literal kind … like FDR during the Great Depression core), we have fire roasted tomato soup (what they fed people during the Great Depression). We have that on absolutely no good authority … don’t fact check us. 


The Art of Good Soup: Souper grateful

You know the drill, babes. We’re back. After a brief hiatus, there were concerns that we were getting too close to the truth (the information police were after us (and by information police we mean our families (and by after us we mean we were home for Thanksgiving))). 

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