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Where you read it first | Sunday, April 14, 2024

Daniel Klain


'Killing Them Softly' stays alive, relevant

Much content has been written recently reviewing and discussing films like “Outbreak” (1995) and “Contagion” (2011). In times like these, it is intriguing to hypothetically compare and contrast pop culture’s depictions of our environment to our actual situation. Seeing if artists had the foresight to predict what was coming, not just culturally, but also politically and technologically, has this large cultural appeal. We prop up these works of art for their ability to capture the future, praising them for their accuracy. The articles we currently see are just a mutation of a long-running trend about “How x is the thing that properly describes our time now.” These films typically take strong stances on grand topics such as race, technology, wealth and constructs of division and power in the United States. If a film is able to depict our time, it's equally comforting and discomforting, giving us relief because we can tell ourselves that we, the viewer, saw this coming, but at the same time, it's terrifying because it makes the fictional suddenly very real. 


'Lego Masters' entertains with stacked competition

Remember the days of childhood where you'd spend hours stacking LEGO brick on LEGO brick to create something? Fox remembers. This month it debuted its new reality competition show "LEGO Masters" (2020–).The concept is pretty simple. Ten pairs start out and each week they are tasked to ...


'The Good Place' heads to the afterlife

Welcome! Everything is fine. It's just NBC's "The Good Place" (2016–20) has sadly come to an end. After four years on our television screens and computers, and who knows how many Jeremy Bearimys later, our gang finally solved the afterlife and even then some.During its first season, ...


One pope, two popes, red pope, new pope

After a three-year wait, a cloud of white smoke appeared from HBO's office and just like that the people knew that "The New Pope" (2020–) was on TV. While technically considered a follow-up, it is essentially the sequel to Paolo Sorrentino's "The Young Pope" (2016)."The ...


Top 10 TV shows of the decade

It's pretty fair to say that over the course of the last decade, television as a medium has changed forever. In fact, there have been so many waves of change, not to mention the absurd amount of content produced, that you could say that maybe three decades have been mashed into the 2010s. First ...


'The Mandalorian' readies, aims, misfires

Over a month ago Disney+, Disney's new streaming service, sent everyone down a nostalgia rabbit hole when it put together a thread of all the content coming to their platform. Their upcoming supplemental original content seemed just as attractive, though.For "Star Wars" fans or Disney ...


HBO reenvisions 'Watchmen' for fresh new take

HBO knew what it was in for when adapting DC Comics' "Watchmen" (1986–87). Depending on who you ask, Zack Snyder's three-hour 2009 film adaptation is either genius or hot garbage, and the comic itself is revered by so many that showrunnerDamon Lindelof had to either live up to an ...

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