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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Kaashvi Ahuja


Mind over Musk: Keeping new tech on a short leash

We are living in an era of rapid technological growth, the dawn of remarkable innovation. As much as he is disliked, it would be disingenuous to deny thatElon Musk is, in many ways, a trailblazer[b]. But seeing what his most recent invention is capable of gives rise to an unsettling thought: Many years from today, it is likely Musk will be viewed not as a pinnacle of progress, but a man whose dangerous pursuits eventually serve as the impetus for our collective decay.


COP28: A comedy of climate governance errors

I don’t know many people who take the annual Conference of Parties, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, conventions seriously. Toward the end of every year, I anxiously watch the television to see the president of the COP as they deliver their closing remarks outlining all the climate goals that took an abundance of shiny suits and private jets to establish. And, without fail, every year I am disappointed by the utter lack of productivity in the outcome.

Fossil Fuel Gives Way To Solar Power

Tufts needs to kick carbon to the curb before swiping right on sustainability

Tufts Climate Action has been urging Tufts to completely divest from fossil fuels, including all indirect investments. Their plea has been criticized within this publication; some believe a complete divestment is impractical and will burden Tufts’ endowment. On the contrary, it is in the interest of both our planet and our university if Tufts wholly divests from this detrimental industry.


Unmasking a stitch in America’s prejudicial tapestry

The recent Supreme Court rulings of Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina effectively eliminated the use of affirmative action in college admissions. SCOTUS has disregarded an avenue that increased educational opportunities for historically marginalized groups like racial minorities, women and LGBTQ+ individuals. We must open our eyes to the context in which this ruling is situated.


Green is the new black: How we’ve demoted sustainability to a passing trend

Do you own a metal straw? Maybe you do and maybe you take it everywhere with you. Maybe you do but you’ve forgotten about it and it’s lying somewhere unused, collecting dust. Can you remember why you bought it? For the planet, right? That’s what one would expect. As is commonly known, plastic straws are bad for marine ecosystems. But why did you truly buy the metal straw? Was it really to reduce your plastic consumption for the sake of turtles, or was it to participate in the larger trend that gave merit to this concept of “saving the turtles?”


TCU senators are working to make disability community center a reality

Tufts Community Union senators Itamar Oelsner and Jose Armando recently launched a petition to establish a permanent Disability Center on campus. Oelsner, elected in February, is the TCU Senate’s first disability community senator; through the proposed center, he and Armando hope to provide a physical space where students with disabilities can feel supported.

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