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Where you read it first | Friday, June 14, 2024

Katie Hankinson


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Bush Hall

After a day full of dancing, singing, waiting in line and trying to touch Jordin Sparks’ hand at Spring Fling, the student body at Tufts was quite tired out — myself included. But what’s a better way to refuel after a long day than with a nice homemade meal? So, for my very last kitchen review this semester, I headed down to Bush Hall to make some quinoa-stuffed zucchini boats.


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Richardson House

You know that feeling when you’re expecting something to be great, but then it’s just okay? “Pitch Perfect 3,” iced coffee from Dunkin’ and waking up early to ‘feel productive’ are a few let downs that come to mind. Unfortunately, last night as I cooked up some pesto pasta, I determined that the kitchen in Richardson House must be added to this disappointing list.


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Home!

This past weekend, I made the long and grueling journey all the way back to the Motherland. In other words, I comfortably slept on the Amtrak for 2 ½ to go home for the weekend. Even though I already had a special spring break edition for last week’s kitchen write-up, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to cook in my very own home kitchen as a nod to my culinary roots.


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Spring break edition

The spring break that we all know and love can be traced back to the 1930s when the Colgate University swim team popularized the idea of going to a sunny and warm destination at the midpoint of the semester. From there, the concept took off, and spring break now serves as a perfect window of time for college students across the country to travel with their friends, relax and make poor decisions. For me though, spring break brought something else: an opportunity to cook some scrumptious food in a non-dorm kitchen for the first time in seven weeks. So, while visiting a friend in Brooklyn, we whipped up a delicious meal of goat cheese and squash pasta, pesto tomato crostini and banana bread. Therefore, I present to you Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: spring break edition.

DDD Pizza Bagels.jpg

Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: The Courts

A classic divide among Tufts students is the uphill vs. downhill debate. Students who hail from dorms uphill boast a convenient location to the Academic Quad, proximity to the Green Line and close access to friends who are fellow ‘uphill-ers.’ Downhill residents, on the other hand, have easy access to the larger (and some would argue better) dining hall that is Dewick, are close to the Campus Center and have a short walk to Davis Square. What about the students who are not truly uphill or downhill residents, though? To see what it’s all about, I brought my kitchen supplies to The Court at Professors Row (specifically, 93 Professors Row) to cook up an easy yet delicious evening snack: pizza bagels.


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Hill Hall

Think of one first-year dorm at Tufts. Picture it in your mind in great detail — the outside, the common room, the bathrooms, all of it. What dorm were you thinking of? I am willing to bet money that you did not just picture Hill Hall (unless you are a current resident).


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Houston Hall

While walking through the Res Quad during the past few months, you may have noticed the sticky note “H>M” and “M>H” signs displayed in the Houston Hall and Miller Hall windows, respectively. But which one is actually better?


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Hodgdon Hall

After two consecutive weeks at uphill locations, I decided to book a trip downhill this week to cook up some bean quesadillas in none other than Hodgdon Hall. Hodge is known for a lot of things — the convenient Food-on-the-Run dining location, forced triples and its disorienting floor plan all come to mind. Unfortunately, the student kitchen should not be added to the list of things that make Hodge stand out.

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