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Where you read it first | Monday, June 24, 2024

Trey Lawrence


Tufts then and now, through the eyes of a Daily alumnus

The Tufts Department of English is home to over 20 full-time and part-time faculty specializing in drastically diverse kinds of literature and hailing from a variety of educational backgrounds. But some also come from not so far away. One of these professors, Jess Keiser, is not only a Tufts alumnus but also a Daily alumnus.

Jumbo Night Live is pictured.

Tufts’ oldest and newest clubs foster community and friendship

Tufts is known for its world-renowned research programs and professional opportunities, but outside of that, there are over 300 student organizations for students to immerse themselves in. Despite Tufts' long-term standing as an institution for over 150 years, there are clubs that have stood the test of time and have persisted as pillars of support on campus. One of those clubs is the Tufts Mountain Club. Tufts Mountain Club (or TMC for short) is one of the oldest and largest clubs on campus. Founded in 1939, TMC has continued to act as a valuable resource for those in the Tufts community wanting to explore the outdoors. Olivia Potier, the president of TMC, wishes for the club to be a space where the Tufts community can take advantage of the outdoors.“Our motto is go outside. Our goal is to get as many Tufts students doing things outside, whether that be locally or up in New Hampshire, where we have a property called The Loj,” Potier said. “Our goal is to make the outdoors accessible and inclusive for anyone in the Tufts community who wants to be part of that.”


The Wren Creeper: Campus myth or threatening truth?

After an exhausting day, many students find themselves in their dorm, common room or suite looking to relax within the private luxury of their living space. However, you may find that college dorm buildings are not as secure as one may expect. Last semester, rumors of the “Wren Creeper,” a mysterious figure who sneaks into the rooms of unsuspecting students living in Wren Hall at night, made waves around campus, sparking concerns over campus security.

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